Sunday, April 15, 2012


It's been a while since i stop writing.

Nobody miss me. Im sure. Heck, even the blog owner didnt miss her own blog. Haha.

Im doing fine now..i guess..things turned pretty well in my life. So blessed. And yeah, just cameback from my Umrah last week, Alhamdulillah. Will blog about it later. My second time performing Umrah actually. The first time was in 2000 when im 17, freshly out from school, after SPM with my whole family..who would have thought, after 12 years, Allah invited me again to be His guest. He always has His own beautiful plan kan?

Ok..i hope i will write again soon..


mrs.spicy said...

eh rindu lah~ hehe

Mrs Linda said...

Lama tak menulis omey