Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Family Vacation: Brunei

Okay update for my very very short trip to Brunei. Sangat lah short coz actually we just stay there while waiting for our connection flight to Melbourne. Yup, we fly to Melbourne by Brunei Airline. They  just launched Melbourne as their new destination and the promotion price is just slightly higher than Air Asia for the same date we booked.

Our flight schedule 10 am Changi Airport, Singapore - 2 pm arrive Brunei - 10 pm depart to Melboune. So roughly we had about 8 hours in between arriving Brunei and flight scheduled to Melbourne. But pls mind of course we had to be at Airport at least by 8 pm that nite. Our parents already been to Brunei before, so this time just nak bwk anak2nya berjalan la. It's a very small country in terms of size and population. Just few hours pun enough la nak jalan2 sekitar town. Lagipun xde ape sgt nak ditengoknyer..hehehe..

The cart we rent. Vios. I think the price not that cheap pun. Rent kat Hertz Airport. Ada 2 masjid yang famous kat Brunei. One is masjid Sultan Brunei and another one is the son's i think. Istimewanya masjid diorang ni (suka hati aku je sebut diorang haha) semua kubah masjid tu diperbuat dari emas. Made of gold uolss. Palcik kayo haha..

Masjid Hasanal Bolkiah. We had our Zuhur & Asar here (jamak)

Ni depan entrance masjid. Depan pintu masuk tu ada eskalator naik atas yang dibuat untuk Sultan Brunei only. Baginda Sultan jer boleh guna time Solat Jumaat. 

Petang tu just to kill our time kitorang pegi la lepak2 dekat tasik. Name ape ntah lupa. Seriously, we were quite boring actually coz xbyk attraction kat Brunei. The airport staff suggestkan pegi Kg. Ayer, kena naik bot. But since our time quite tight malas nk rushing2 so tak jadi la. Some more..err kg ayer time study kat Sabah dulu pun dah penah no no laa..

Later that evening we went to Pasar Malam Satok. Haha sampai pasar malam pun diredahnya. Nothing much different compare to pasar malam kat sini pun..

After that, Maghrib pun dah masuk kitorang solat kat Masjid Omar Ali Saifuddin. After solat terus rush gerak gi airport.

Ni full view masjid. Source Google

Entrance to masjid. Kubah emas :)

@ Coffea Bean Airport. Masing2 busy..hihi..

That nite we continue our journey to Melbourne.Oleh kerana flight malam dah kepenatan jalan kat Brunei memang tido lena msg2..reach Melbourne around 7 am. Melbourne tu entry lain lah yer..hehehe...

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amiza said...

omey,pls share all the good spots@melbourne nanti ye..i'll be going there