Tuesday, September 27, 2011


Lame gile x update blog. Klu cmni pnye cara nmpk gaya sebulan skali jer la kite update yer, hikhik. Well, nothing much to share pun, life goes on as usual, same routine everyday, nothing much change, cuma after raye hari tu my youngest bro dah fly ke UK. Wish him all the best since he's the only one in the family yg still study. Yang lain semua dah slmt graduate.

So far i've been busy with work, work, work. Try to balance my life a bit. Try to appreciate peiple around me more. Try to give other people chance to fill my little world. Try to understand others. Okey dah, byk sgt try dah tu. But at least, i did try. And im happy with what i am now :)

Im happy, and i do not need to tell the whole world how happy i am now.

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