Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Wordless Wednesday

Can you spot my brother at the back trying to throw the iceball to us??
Caught in the act kan :)

Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Judging people

How would u feel when somebody said something that really hurts you.

It's ok to give people advice.

But to judge that person, is completely different thing.

Contoh kalau orang cakap kat you "eh kenape ko buat macam tu, ko x syg mak bapak ko ke"

Sentap kot.

Tambah sentap bila parents pun takde tengah buat Umrah sekarang..huhuu..

But my point is, who are you to judge people sampai macam tu sekali.

Up to that extent you want to make such assumption.

Nak kata kurang ajar pun ye jugak.

Kind or rude. Really.

Setakat mengutuk,  mengumpat tu perkara yang orang biase buat.

But when it comes to family matters i mmg a bit sensitive.

Especially kalau yang cakap pun orang luar.

Lain lah kalau let say my auntie ke nak nasihat.

Cuba kalau i pulak nak judge ape dia rasa?

Sometimes, certain opinion you should just keep it to yourself, you know?

Friday, July 8, 2011


Ok no comment la pasal BERSIH. Biar la my blog ni suci dari isu politik kita citer gossip artis je. Sekarang ni i dok update blog dr ipad tp macam bangang giler pasal banyak benda dia x bole nk support. Nk upload gambar x boleh. Nak buat tulisan kaler2 change font pun x reti. Haaa ambik ko sume entri sepesen jer. Tapi takat nak membebel2 syok sendiri tu boleh lg la.

Jailbreak my ipad? Belumm lagi beb. Tak tau nk buat tak. Bajet mcm byk duit xnk lah apps free boleh beli je kann?? Tapi kan i pikir i patut beli ipad 32g. Bukan la kate 16g x cukup. Ok je cuma klu lg besar lg best especially i have soo many pics yg i x bole nk letak sume dlm ipad due to the small size of storage.

So happy weekend peeps. Have a good one! Tak kisah la ada yg nk pegi ikut perhimpunan bersih ke hape sekali pun. Everyone has their own right to choose their side. To believe what they want to. I have mine, and u also have yours. Just pls, BE WISE! =)

Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Twenty eight.
And giving up her life already.
So sad.
So sad.

Monday, July 4, 2011

Decision making

Saya memerlukan kekuatan yg sangat2 besar sekarang.
Strength, courage, determination.
It's not easy.

I think of it this way.
If we want to change our life to a diff phase, then we have to take the BIG step right?
Who knows where it gonna take us?
And how could we know whether we are going to fail or success?
No one knows.
But i know what im capable of doing.
My ambition is not as small as i look ;)

Life, hadn't been easy to me.
But im tired of complaining, and you probably tired of listening.
So i better off to sleep now.


Friday, July 1, 2011


I might not be a good human being.
Not at all.
Tapi i manusia biasa.
Ada perasaan.
Sometimes it's so hard to pretend that everything is ok.
You can always fake a smile, fake a laugh.
But deep down inside, who knows?

All those YEARS.
All the HARD WORK.
Now it comes to THIS.
Oh God, what did i do wrong???

And sometimes in life, you reach to a point when you just want to give up everything you have. When you willing to throw it all away. When you just dont care anymore. You dont have faith anymore. You just have doubts. For how much longer you can put up with it.

And the silence of night, when you cry yourself to bed, you silently pray...may tomorrow never comes. How you wish.