Monday, May 16, 2011

There's no other place like home :)

far away from home

  • Just reached home on Sunday around 12 pm. It's really really nice to be back at home. Had my lunch then sleep till the next day morning. Jet lag katakan. But it's really tiring since we took 3 flights journey Sydney-Melbourne-Brunei-Singapore. My brother fetch us at Changi Airport.
  • I left my digital camera in the plane! So bad. I put it in the pocket seat then forgot to take it back once we landed at Singapore. Luckily it was left in the Brunei-Singapore plane so i just contact Royal Brunei office in Changi Airport and they found it! But they'll be keeping it and i have to go and claim it back.
  • On our way to Australia, we chose a longer transit at Brunei (about 8 hours) so we have enough time to go around the city. We do have to transit at Brunei since we were flying by Royal Brunei Airlines. There isn't much to see in Brunei anyway. We rent a car (Vios) and had few hours tour.
  • Overall, our vacation in Australia was really really awesome. We rent a car (Camry) for 4 days and made a road trip for about 1700 km. The trip start at Melbourne - Lorne (Great Ocean Road) - Bright (Mount Hotham) - Tulcatta - Tumut - Talbingo (Selwyn Snowfields) - Canberra (Capital Of Australia) - Sydney. Then from Sydney we took a flight back to Melbourne. Most of the time spent in the car. But we really had fun. I took turn driving with my dad.
  • Definitely will write more on the journey and documented all the precious moments and pictures. But give me some time pls..hiihii..but i'll upload the pics at fb at my soonest..meanwhile....some of the pics..

Ps: I might want to come up with entry on my last year vacation to Frankfurt, Milan and Qatar first before blogging about Australia. Sayang pulak kalau tak tulis.

Pss: I should be going to Cambodia next week. Tiket dah beli. But im still considering wether to go or not???


Linda Yusoff said...

i jeles knp slalu travel ni omey??? haha..btw u look cute in pink. small je.

nak fb omey ape ye?

Ms. Omey said...

dah airlines slalu buat promotion..hahah..

fb i add tau!

MsHo said...

Just stumbled in. Hi ! Good you found your cam.