Saturday, May 7, 2011

Sunday babbling

Guess what? Im at the office on Sunday. Thought of getting some job done before my vacation. Ada kerja boleh tangguh2 sampai lepas vacation baru buat TAPI ada kerja memang nak kena siapkan jugak. Kalau boleh tangguh semua mmg dah buat dahhh. Tapi rasa macam x sedap jugak nak pegi vacation kalau tahu keje melambak kat opis. Balik becuti pun still kena hadap benda sama jugak kan.

Last Friday nite i had a coffea session with my aunty at Coffea Bean. Cerita2 pasal nk pegi vacation ni lah. Coincidentally, she also will be going to Melbourne on September. Actually she invited me to go along, tapi rezeki saya untuk pergi dengan family sendiri :)

Basically we dont even have itenary for this vacation. We havent book any hotel yet, and didnt plan to. Ohh the plan is just to go and terjah mana2 hotel kat town tu. It sounds interesting, no? Initially we plan to go to Mount Hotham to play snow and stay there overnight. That's the plan. UNTIL i did some checking and discover that it's still early to have snow in May. The winter season starts in June. How stupid. Ok fine, fine, that's why u always have to plan your vacation. Check the weather, what season it is now. Not just randomly pack your things and go terjah like that. But what to do, we all seems to be very busy and occupied lately. You know, with the bookfair that just ended. And pile of work.

A reminder to myself: I dont have any shopping budget for this vacation. Tukar duit cukup2 untuk beli souvenir jek..but errr..they do accept credit card at the boutiques kannnn?? hahah..But heard that things are quite expensive in Australia. Never mind, i just want to enjoy myself..have some nice and enjoyable moments with my family..and yeahh..see the kangaroos..

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