Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Just a quick update from Cambodia

I miss blogging..hihi

At my hotel room in Cambodia right now.
Today is my last day here.
Petang ni blik Malaysia.
Cant wait to be back at home.
So, how's the vacation in Cambodia?
Emmmm....i'll write another entry on that.
For the past couple of weeks, i've visited 3 countries (Brunei, Australia, Cambodia)
Surely it's soo tiring but a very nice experince to me.
And the fact that i still have to work even on my vacation.
Yesterday we even had to cut our time in one of the market and have to get back to the hotel and online with the staffs.
Travelling in another country somehow made me realize lots of thing.
From what i observed and experienced.
And couldnt help being grateful for all that i have and Allah gave me.

Ok got to go now.
see u soon Malaysia :)

25th May 2011
Killing Field, Phnom Penh

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amiza said...

omey, that is life, we have to accept the fact either we like it or not