Monday, May 23, 2011

Before i leave....

Dear blog,

Today i made a very last minute decision wether to go to Cambodia tomorrow or not. Im still considering it while having my breakfast. Then after Mr Dad said i still have to go to KL to settle some job i then went back home and pack my bag. Dont ask how i mange to pack my things in such a short time. When ur life sooo used to be on the go, u can just spend like, 5 minutes to pack ur things to travel
for few days. And like i have to worry even if i didnt bring enough clothes to Cambodia. Last time i heard, they do sell shirts there, no? So im in KL now, spending 1 nite here before my early morning flight tomorrow. I'll be on leave for 3 days till Thursday. Dont ask wether the boss approving my leave or not. He's...errrr...travelling with me. Hopefully im gonna enjoy myself. To be honest, i so wish im back at my home now. In my comfy bedroom. It will be so nice then. Clearly i didnt spend much time there for the past few weeks. Ok peeps. Till then. Serioussssslyyyyy i dont know what to blog about first when im back home. Looks like i owe my own blog so many entries that i promised. Where to start? I have to go now. Gotta have enuf rest. Bye2. Thank you for reading this rubbish entry of mine. Love u all.


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