Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Anything, Everything

1. Baru lepas KL Book Fair. Penat tak hilang lagi. Kerja tak habis lagi. 10 hari berkampung kat KL. It wasnt fun at all. But u gotta do what u gotta do. And somehow i missed the book fair. The event that only happen once a year. The people, the environment. Every friends i have in the industry.

2. Ipad 2 launched. Ok..im kinda waiting actually when i will get mine :) In pink colour. Probably. So now have to wait till the item  restock.

3. Im totally, totally broke now. Like,where has all the money gone? I threw them at the mall i went to possibly. Sendiri shopping sendiri lupa.

4. Gemok. Exactly how to describe myself right now. I feel soo fat. The results of eating sinful nasi goreng every other night while im in KL. And even worse, i dont feel like diet or doing any exercise for now.

5. Made a promise to myself that i wont abandon my blog. I will write. More often. Now tengah siapkan draft untuk Milan vacation last year. Haha. Lame giler nak siap. But i really really have to write about Milan. So in future i can browse my blog, read it back and remind me everything about it. That's what blogging is all about kan?

6. Have a vacation coming soon. Next week. Where to? Just a hint...Brunei Airlines recently launched their flights to this destination. 4 times weekly. Kalau giler gigih can check their web.

1 comment:

aNoi said...

ko merajuk eh tak nak ber-blog lagi?

ah ko..asek berjalan jek. bencik! [cemburu sebenarnye!hehe]