Tuesday, May 31, 2011


In life, there'll be things that are destined for you, and things that ain't so.
You cant have it all.
You cant win it all.


Sunday, May 29, 2011

Good Life - One Republic

"Sometimes there's airplanes i can't jump out
Sometimes there's bullshit that dont work now
We are God of stories, but please tell me
What there is to complain about?"

"When you're happy like a fool, let it take you over
When everything is out you gotta take it in"

This has gotta be the good life :)

Just want to inspire myself to face today and daysss ahead
Banyak benda nk kena buat nih
Happy Monday peeps
No Complaining, No Whinning!

Friday, May 27, 2011


You know what
It always amazed me when people can make their dreams come true
When they can make their way to the top
The journey's definitely not that easy
Lots of people can just dream
Only few can make it real
So Scotty, what you achieved at 17 years old really impressed me
No one's ever too young to achieve something in their life 

Being 28, sometimes i even wonder what i've achieved so far 

P/s: In my humble opinion, based on finale performance, Lauren Alaina deserves to win

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Just a quick update from Cambodia

I miss blogging..hihi

At my hotel room in Cambodia right now.
Today is my last day here.
Petang ni blik Malaysia.
Cant wait to be back at home.
So, how's the vacation in Cambodia?
Emmmm....i'll write another entry on that.
For the past couple of weeks, i've visited 3 countries (Brunei, Australia, Cambodia)
Surely it's soo tiring but a very nice experince to me.
And the fact that i still have to work even on my vacation.
Yesterday we even had to cut our time in one of the market and have to get back to the hotel and online with the staffs.
Travelling in another country somehow made me realize lots of thing.
From what i observed and experienced.
And couldnt help being grateful for all that i have and Allah gave me.

Ok got to go now.
see u soon Malaysia :)

25th May 2011
Killing Field, Phnom Penh

Monday, May 23, 2011

Before i leave....

Dear blog,

Today i made a very last minute decision wether to go to Cambodia tomorrow or not. Im still considering it while having my breakfast. Then after Mr Dad said i still have to go to KL to settle some job i then went back home and pack my bag. Dont ask how i mange to pack my things in such a short time. When ur life sooo used to be on the go, u can just spend like, 5 minutes to pack ur things to travel
for few days. And like i have to worry even if i didnt bring enough clothes to Cambodia. Last time i heard, they do sell shirts there, no? So im in KL now, spending 1 nite here before my early morning flight tomorrow. I'll be on leave for 3 days till Thursday. Dont ask wether the boss approving my leave or not. He's...errrr...travelling with me. Hopefully im gonna enjoy myself. To be honest, i so wish im back at my home now. In my comfy bedroom. It will be so nice then. Clearly i didnt spend much time there for the past few weeks. Ok peeps. Till then. Serioussssslyyyyy i dont know what to blog about first when im back home. Looks like i owe my own blog so many entries that i promised. Where to start? I have to go now. Gotta have enuf rest. Bye2. Thank you for reading this rubbish entry of mine. Love u all.


Wednesday, May 18, 2011

wOrDLess wEdNesDay

Umi's birthday is coming up!

Monday, May 16, 2011

There's no other place like home :)

far away from home

  • Just reached home on Sunday around 12 pm. It's really really nice to be back at home. Had my lunch then sleep till the next day morning. Jet lag katakan. But it's really tiring since we took 3 flights journey Sydney-Melbourne-Brunei-Singapore. My brother fetch us at Changi Airport.
  • I left my digital camera in the plane! So bad. I put it in the pocket seat then forgot to take it back once we landed at Singapore. Luckily it was left in the Brunei-Singapore plane so i just contact Royal Brunei office in Changi Airport and they found it! But they'll be keeping it and i have to go and claim it back.
  • On our way to Australia, we chose a longer transit at Brunei (about 8 hours) so we have enough time to go around the city. We do have to transit at Brunei since we were flying by Royal Brunei Airlines. There isn't much to see in Brunei anyway. We rent a car (Vios) and had few hours tour.
  • Overall, our vacation in Australia was really really awesome. We rent a car (Camry) for 4 days and made a road trip for about 1700 km. The trip start at Melbourne - Lorne (Great Ocean Road) - Bright (Mount Hotham) - Tulcatta - Tumut - Talbingo (Selwyn Snowfields) - Canberra (Capital Of Australia) - Sydney. Then from Sydney we took a flight back to Melbourne. Most of the time spent in the car. But we really had fun. I took turn driving with my dad.
  • Definitely will write more on the journey and documented all the precious moments and pictures. But give me some time pls..hiihii..but i'll upload the pics at fb at my soonest..meanwhile....some of the pics..

Ps: I might want to come up with entry on my last year vacation to Frankfurt, Milan and Qatar first before blogging about Australia. Sayang pulak kalau tak tulis.

Pss: I should be going to Cambodia next week. Tiket dah beli. But im still considering wether to go or not???

Monday, May 9, 2011



Will be going to Australia's 2nd biggest city

Singapore - Brunei (Transit) - Melbourne



Saturday, May 7, 2011

Sunday babbling

Guess what? Im at the office on Sunday. Thought of getting some job done before my vacation. Ada kerja boleh tangguh2 sampai lepas vacation baru buat TAPI ada kerja memang nak kena siapkan jugak. Kalau boleh tangguh semua mmg dah buat dahhh. Tapi rasa macam x sedap jugak nak pegi vacation kalau tahu keje melambak kat opis. Balik becuti pun still kena hadap benda sama jugak kan.

Last Friday nite i had a coffea session with my aunty at Coffea Bean. Cerita2 pasal nk pegi vacation ni lah. Coincidentally, she also will be going to Melbourne on September. Actually she invited me to go along, tapi rezeki saya untuk pergi dengan family sendiri :)

Basically we dont even have itenary for this vacation. We havent book any hotel yet, and didnt plan to. Ohh the plan is just to go and terjah mana2 hotel kat town tu. It sounds interesting, no? Initially we plan to go to Mount Hotham to play snow and stay there overnight. That's the plan. UNTIL i did some checking and discover that it's still early to have snow in May. The winter season starts in June. How stupid. Ok fine, fine, that's why u always have to plan your vacation. Check the weather, what season it is now. Not just randomly pack your things and go terjah like that. But what to do, we all seems to be very busy and occupied lately. You know, with the bookfair that just ended. And pile of work.

A reminder to myself: I dont have any shopping budget for this vacation. Tukar duit cukup2 untuk beli souvenir jek..but errr..they do accept credit card at the boutiques kannnn?? hahah..But heard that things are quite expensive in Australia. Never mind, i just want to enjoy myself..have some nice and enjoyable moments with my family..and yeahh..see the kangaroos..

Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Anything, Everything

1. Baru lepas KL Book Fair. Penat tak hilang lagi. Kerja tak habis lagi. 10 hari berkampung kat KL. It wasnt fun at all. But u gotta do what u gotta do. And somehow i missed the book fair. The event that only happen once a year. The people, the environment. Every friends i have in the industry.

2. Ipad 2 launched. Ok..im kinda waiting actually when i will get mine :) In pink colour. Probably. So now have to wait till the item  restock.

3. Im totally, totally broke now. Like,where has all the money gone? I threw them at the mall i went to possibly. Sendiri shopping sendiri lupa.

4. Gemok. Exactly how to describe myself right now. I feel soo fat. The results of eating sinful nasi goreng every other night while im in KL. And even worse, i dont feel like diet or doing any exercise for now.

5. Made a promise to myself that i wont abandon my blog. I will write. More often. Now tengah siapkan draft untuk Milan vacation last year. Haha. Lame giler nak siap. But i really really have to write about Milan. So in future i can browse my blog, read it back and remind me everything about it. That's what blogging is all about kan?

6. Have a vacation coming soon. Next week. Where to? Just a hint...Brunei Airlines recently launched their flights to this destination. 4 times weekly. Kalau giler gigih can check their web.