Tuesday, April 19, 2011


lama giler x update blog.

somehow i just lost the passion to write. not that im that good at writing. But it's nice to have a blog where u can write anything about u feel, documenting journeys of your life, bla bla bla.

I went to Tioman last 2 weeks. Maybe i'll write about it but dont count on me. Thought maybe a holiday could make me feel better since the company just done with 1 big project and it wears me out. But well, probably not a  bright idea to go to Tioman as i always, always know that i dont like beach, i dont like sun, sand castle to me is one of the stupidest thing one could end up doing at the beach (i mean, what's the point??) and the boat ride? oh.my.God. So bye bye Tioman, we probably wont see each other anymore. Next time i want to do something to de-stress myself, remind me just to go to the shopping mall :)

will try my best to update more.


Linda Yusoff said...

lama berdiam. why???

amiza said...

omey, finally got an update from you!!aku suka pulau and wanted to go there..but since i'm near to my 3rd trimester,I can't do that, family aku pon tak advise..but I want to go to Tioman someday!!