Tuesday, December 21, 2010


  • Sorry for the long silent, lack of updates. Takde idea nak menulis despite so many things happened lately.But nothing interesting. Im not going anywhere pun..hiii..
  • Last week from thursday till sunday im away from home, away from office. Just kat KL je pun. But im enjoying myself so much that i spent most of the time dating sleep, eat, shop. Cant resist the year end sale *sigh*. 
  • On Friday had small family lunch with Mr S. It feels so good to fill  your time with your loved ones. We also watched Repunzel & Narnia. Seriously, its been long time since last movie i watched. 
  • Few days more to go before we wrap 2010. fuhhh...Hoping for things to get better and some more good news to come :)
  • Im working on a project that due on this 31st dec. So far the progress is ok. Kind of slow actually. I didnt know what's wrong with me lately. I cant seem to focus on my work. Kadang2 jadik blur. And i have soooo many things to do. Tak masuk planning untuk 2011 lagi tu. Have to do something about it.
  • My lil brother will fly to UK to further his study next year. So i think im gonna plan some family vacation but didnt decide on the destination yet. Tempat yang tak lah jauh sangat. Not really long hours flight. I had Australia in mind. Melbourne/ Sydney/ Gold Coast? Yeah..kena mintak approval big daddy first.

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Nanak said...

congrats to abg chik!