Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Food craving

I'm craving for theseeee:


I love kebab while in Milan. Kat Malaysia not really into it pun. Hahah. Somebody asked me how about the taste of pizza/ pasta kat Italy. To be honest, i pun tak makan such foods yang betul2 Italian buat kot. Due to halal issues.

But i did try the one that sell pizza kat kedai2 Arab/ Pakistan. And to be honest...errr..what's the number of pizza hut delivery?? Seriously, masa kat i makan pizza kat Italy tu memang terus pikir kalau haku mkn pizza hut or domino pun lagi bagus camnih! hihi..but then as i said lah i tak try pun makan kat mana2 Italian restaurant. I read somewhere Italian suka masukkan lemak b*** dalam dough pizza. Wallahualam. Kalau was-was baik jangan makan kan.

This is pizza yang i beli kat kedai Pakistan.
That made me think pizza hut is wayyy much better.
And this one cost me 5 euro.


If the food is good, then we all be happy, kan??

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