Sunday, November 7, 2010

couple pic @ facebook

Masa weekend hari tu, i had a chance to meet my ex-schoolmate. We used to be very close masa time sekolah dulu. But then after further study, masuk U, tiba2 lost contact for about 12 years. Yes, that long! So when we decided to meet i was so excited. She still same like those old times and im still me! 

We had this discussion about 'jodoh'. Hahah. Coincidentally we were attending one of our schoolmate's wedding on that day. It's common, soalan favourite yang akan ditanya each time you catch up with your friends or relatives adalah 'dah ada boyfriend?' or 'bila nak kawin?' *sigh* Until the day comes, people wont stop asking, no? Tapi kalau yang tanya tu pun belum kawin automatically i tanya dia balik. hahah. 

Im not the type of person who kinda easy to talk about my personal relationship to everybody.  Dont get me wrong here. I mean, for some person, mungkin lebih open untuk bercakap atau show off their relationship. Show off bukan maksud berlagak tau. Maksudnya macam terbuka lah nak cerita pasal pasangan dia. Kind of lah, taktau nak explain camne. Macam letak status kat facebook status in a relationship with bla bla bla. Ha, like that lah. I never did so. Dari masa zaman friendster lagi. Since then i've been in a relationship for quite some time jugak. Most of the time im afraid, if the relation's not working out while i've been telling like, the whole world about it! And the next thing might happen, i might upload another pic of me with different guy! relationship? 

Of course when you're in a relationship, you only hope the best for both of you. Who wants a bad ending right? But sometimes, things just...happen! Even beyond our wish. And let say benda tu terjadi, something bad happen in your relationship, but all this while u created an album of you 2 @ facebook, everyone knows about it. You two been dedicating songs at each other's wall, writing all the jiwang-jiwang ayat. It's sweet. And maybe to you it's even sweeter because all your 89,678 friends can see it at your wall. It's not their fault they seen it right? Then if something bad happen, what would you do? Deleting all the pictures is an option. Then friends would throwing the questions of what happened? Wont it hurts you even more? *sigh*  So all this while, i've been protecting myself actually. I always pray and hope the best for myself (for both of us and our relation too). But in case someday, it's written that he and i not meant to be, i just want to make the break as clean as possible. 

It just my opinion.  No, i dont say its wrong to put couple picture @ facebook. I have nothing against it ok? Maybe someday i might want to do the same too. Who knows? (maybe im thinking about it now..hiii) So pls dont be bitter. Just let me voice out my opinion. And maybe you could share yours

We are only human, and NOT perfect.


Khumaera Ismail said...

tertarik ngan entry u.. =)
memg ta elok pun letak pic kite dan psgn dok dekat2..or even worst, pic peluk2 pinggang..
sy ta penah letak pic bdua dgn ex-ex sblm bile couple ngan husben i dulu, i letak a sikit2 pic kami..dan alhamdulillah akhirnye bsama jua..mungkin mase tu sy da yakin yg dia benar2 utk sy.. =)


Ms. Omey said...

salam :)
yeah, im not say its wrong letak gmbr couple. just dont be too over or too much..biasalah tgh bencinta kan..hiii..but then again maybe i slalu ada rasa insecure wheter the man im seeing now is really the one for me..mybe tunggu dh betul2 serius dan yakin he's the one nnti lah boleh letak sikit2 jugak..