Thursday, November 18, 2010

Chu Chi Tunnel & War Museum, Vietnam

Chu-Chi Tunnel is one of the Vietnam's prime attraction for tourist. The tunnel was built during Vietnam war. It is pronounce as something like ku-ki tunnel bukan cuci tunnel. Gila hape nak pegi cuci terowong tu. Okay i let the pics do the talking. 

@ the entrance

Ni masa test masuk salah satu pintu terowong. Masa demo tu tentera vietnam yg konon2 masuk dalam tu sumpah skinny gila. Terus geng kitoran ada rasa inferior hahah. So when they ask if anyone of us interested nak try i did volunteer dah tu terus masuk eh boleh muat pulak..ok lulus ujian boleh survive time perang :)

USD3 per bullet for those interested to try shooting.
Dapat hadiah kalau kena sasaran.

Last skali masa end of journey they invited us untuk makan2.
Ingatkan makan ape lah. Rupanyaaa ubi rebus ngan kacang.
Minum chinese tea. Patut lah kurus ;)

@ War Museum

Some tips: 

  • Wear flats or wedges at least. NO heels. At some point dah macam jungle tracking pun. And yes, wear appropriate attire. 
  • You know, the trip could be much interesting kalau boleh menghayati sejarah perang tu camne. Especially at War Museum, you should spend some time to read the history there *yawn* haha but seriously, you should.
  • Its better to plan your journey early in the morning. Like us, we stary our day at 7. It took 1 hour from the city to the Chu Chi Tunnel. The visit will take about half day. By the time you finish its already noon and you gonna be freaking hungry but have to get back to the city to find halal restaurant there. So maybe you should pack some snacks untuk alas perut. Then after having lunch you can plan to visit War Musuem at the city.
  • There were 250 km of tunnels in the area in three levels going as deep as 9m down. Amazing how they can build it years ago. They let us experience inside the tunnel (for those who interested only). I did going down and urghh. Okay baik bersyukur sekarang pasal tak hidup masa zaman perang tu..hehehe.
So that's a wrap on our journey!


Khumaera Ismail said...

tempt tu cam menarik je.. =)

mrs.spicy said...

makanan die bagi pon makan perang=p