Monday, November 15, 2010

best news ever

Alhamdulillah i received one good news yesterday. Something relate to my job. Something that made me smile all day long. Something that really really made my day.  Seriously. Because of this news, hati sangat lah berbunga-bunga riang. Sampai rasa kalau Mr. S tak call satu hari pun xpe. Hihi. Yup, I tend to be kind of moody if he didnt call/ texy/ ym me all day long. Which is stupid because i know how he works around the clock. Well, that will be another story lah. So back to my 'good news' oh la la im so happy. Finally, all the hard works has paid off. And of course i can reward myself with something kan? kan? One last splurge before 2010 going to end. Yay!! So what do i have in mind?

Designer handbag
Urmm..already splurge on coach and gucci this year. There'll be no way im going to buy another for THIS YEAR. But i already aim for one of my dream bag for next year heheh.

No, no. Enough of it. I dont really need another vacation. Definitely not a good time at the end of year when lots of projects are coming in and i will be very occupied with my work. When im going to be at office as early as 7 and still bringing some files to finish work at home.

Erk..really really not my cuppa. 

So what will i get for myself?

Im thinking of...

Beri hitam @ Blackberry!

Yeah they launch the new Blackberry Torch recently but that's not what i have in mind. Way too pricey for a non-gadget lover like me (so pls dont suggest me an iphone peeps). Plus i dont fancy touch screen and sliding phone. I hate bb bold design. Too gedabak for my liking. That's why i bought the slim and sleek E71. So now i think im going to settle for bb curve 9700. The much cheaper option will be bb curve 8250 but with no function of 3g which is a real downside to me. Cant live without 3g call definitely.

Im going to get it before the year end :)
(ok, what i really mean is as soon as i can)

Another good news is my youngest brother (the only one who's still studying and hadn't earn anything yet and keep asking me to topup his phone hahah) will be fly next year to complete his degree twinning programme. And he was accepted at Leeds University, UK. Ok bro, u just proved to be the brightest among us. He studies medicine anyway. Yup, doctor to be in the family. Many congrats to him. I'll be sure to visit and checking u there *wink*

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