Tuesday, November 30, 2010

pissed off

Some people just dont get it.
The dont act, dont think the way they should.
Ko tak boleh paham ke perasaan orang lain?
Tak boleh ke if you just STAY AWAY from other people's life?
Especially in this kind of situation when you should know you're definitely not her fav person.
Past is past i know.
And i happily move on with my life now.
Even happier than before.
Kenapa la nak MENYIBUK jugak nak menunjuk-nunjukkan diri tu haaa??
Even if it's not with me tapi wehhh family aku pun takde kena mengena langsung ngan ko.
Dari dulu lagi. Serba-serbi nak menyemak nak menyibuk.
Kadang-kadang rasa benda tu tak perlu kot. Entah ape2 entah.
Ingat orang suka ke?? Menyampah gila babi tau tak.
Tapi malas la nk cakap. Diamkan aje. Padahal masa tu your boyfriend's still mine. Haa..ambik ko.
Tapi semedang aje ko nak menyibuk dalam segala hal.

Tolong ahh. Banyak lagi keje lain nak buat benda lain nak kena pikir ni.

Pls remember this, even if you dont have yours, I have a reputation, image yang i kena jaga and pikirkan before i do something bad that can destroy it all. Kalau aku, dengan status aku sekarang boleh profesional, ko jangan nak membodohkan diri ko lagi boleh tak? If you smart enough, you wont mess with me. Kalau smart lah.

And of all thing, YOU should know what should be done long time ago when you make the decision. A wise action that im waiting for. 

Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Food craving

I'm craving for theseeee:


I love kebab while in Milan. Kat Malaysia not really into it pun. Hahah. Somebody asked me how about the taste of pizza/ pasta kat Italy. To be honest, i pun tak makan such foods yang betul2 Italian buat kot. Due to halal issues.

But i did try the one that sell pizza kat kedai2 Arab/ Pakistan. And to be honest...errr..what's the number of pizza hut delivery?? Seriously, masa kat i makan pizza kat Italy tu memang terus pikir kalau haku mkn pizza hut or domino pun lagi bagus camnih! hihi..but then as i said lah i tak try pun makan kat mana2 Italian restaurant. I read somewhere Italian suka masukkan lemak b*** dalam dough pizza. Wallahualam. Kalau was-was baik jangan makan kan.

This is pizza yang i beli kat kedai Pakistan.
That made me think pizza hut is wayyy much better.
And this one cost me 5 euro.


If the food is good, then we all be happy, kan??

Sunday, November 21, 2010


It is public holiday for Johor today.
But I'm off to KL to settle some jobs there.
Wow, sounds productive isnt it?
A bit tied up at the moment.
But it feels good, nonetheless.
So good.

Saturday, November 20, 2010

out of the blues..

What am i thinking?? Duhhh...

Thursday, November 18, 2010

Chu Chi Tunnel & War Museum, Vietnam

Chu-Chi Tunnel is one of the Vietnam's prime attraction for tourist. The tunnel was built during Vietnam war. It is pronounce as something like ku-ki tunnel bukan cuci tunnel. Gila hape nak pegi cuci terowong tu. Okay i let the pics do the talking. 

@ the entrance

Ni masa test masuk salah satu pintu terowong. Masa demo tu tentera vietnam yg konon2 masuk dalam tu sumpah skinny gila. Terus geng kitoran ada rasa inferior hahah. So when they ask if anyone of us interested nak try i did volunteer dah tu terus masuk eh boleh muat pulak..ok lulus ujian boleh survive time perang :)

USD3 per bullet for those interested to try shooting.
Dapat hadiah kalau kena sasaran.

Last skali masa end of journey they invited us untuk makan2.
Ingatkan makan ape lah. Rupanyaaa ubi rebus ngan kacang.
Minum chinese tea. Patut lah kurus ;)

@ War Museum

Some tips: 

  • Wear flats or wedges at least. NO heels. At some point dah macam jungle tracking pun. And yes, wear appropriate attire. 
  • You know, the trip could be much interesting kalau boleh menghayati sejarah perang tu camne. Especially at War Museum, you should spend some time to read the history there *yawn* haha but seriously, you should.
  • Its better to plan your journey early in the morning. Like us, we stary our day at 7. It took 1 hour from the city to the Chu Chi Tunnel. The visit will take about half day. By the time you finish its already noon and you gonna be freaking hungry but have to get back to the city to find halal restaurant there. So maybe you should pack some snacks untuk alas perut. Then after having lunch you can plan to visit War Musuem at the city.
  • There were 250 km of tunnels in the area in three levels going as deep as 9m down. Amazing how they can build it years ago. They let us experience inside the tunnel (for those who interested only). I did going down and urghh. Okay baik bersyukur sekarang pasal tak hidup masa zaman perang tu..hehehe.
So that's a wrap on our journey!

Monday, November 15, 2010

best news ever

Alhamdulillah i received one good news yesterday. Something relate to my job. Something that made me smile all day long. Something that really really made my day.  Seriously. Because of this news, hati sangat lah berbunga-bunga riang. Sampai rasa kalau Mr. S tak call satu hari pun xpe. Hihi. Yup, I tend to be kind of moody if he didnt call/ texy/ ym me all day long. Which is stupid because i know how he works around the clock. Well, that will be another story lah. So back to my 'good news' oh la la im so happy. Finally, all the hard works has paid off. And of course i can reward myself with something kan? kan? One last splurge before 2010 going to end. Yay!! So what do i have in mind?

Designer handbag
Urmm..already splurge on coach and gucci this year. There'll be no way im going to buy another for THIS YEAR. But i already aim for one of my dream bag for next year heheh.

No, no. Enough of it. I dont really need another vacation. Definitely not a good time at the end of year when lots of projects are coming in and i will be very occupied with my work. When im going to be at office as early as 7 and still bringing some files to finish work at home.

Erk..really really not my cuppa. 

So what will i get for myself?

Im thinking of...

Beri hitam @ Blackberry!

Yeah they launch the new Blackberry Torch recently but that's not what i have in mind. Way too pricey for a non-gadget lover like me (so pls dont suggest me an iphone peeps). Plus i dont fancy touch screen and sliding phone. I hate bb bold design. Too gedabak for my liking. That's why i bought the slim and sleek E71. So now i think im going to settle for bb curve 9700. The much cheaper option will be bb curve 8250 but with no function of 3g which is a real downside to me. Cant live without 3g call definitely.

Im going to get it before the year end :)
(ok, what i really mean is as soon as i can)

Another good news is my youngest brother (the only one who's still studying and hadn't earn anything yet and keep asking me to topup his phone hahah) will be fly next year to complete his degree twinning programme. And he was accepted at Leeds University, UK. Ok bro, u just proved to be the brightest among us. He studies medicine anyway. Yup, doctor to be in the family. Many congrats to him. I'll be sure to visit and checking u there *wink*

Monday, November 8, 2010


Kadang-kadang bila waktu-waktu macam sekarang. Bila terasa mahu mengeluh. Atas banyak alasan. Kerja yang melambak seperti tidak mahu cukup kaki dan tangan. Kawan-kawan yang entah mana menghilang. Adik-beradik yang selalu memeningkan kepala. Teman lelaki yang kadang-kadang seperti tidak mahu memahami. Orang tua yang asyik mengulang benda yang sama. Tapi terpikir sejenak. Terpandang berita. Mereka-mereka yang kehilangan nyawa dalam letupan Gunung Merapi. Mereka-mereka yang kehilangan rumah dan tempat berlindung dalam banjir di Kedah. Berapa ramai yang kehilangan orang yang mereka sayang? Berapa ramai yang merana hilang harta benda? Rasa bersyukur. Kerana kerja yang banyak menandakan masih ada rezeki. Adik-beradik itulah yang selalunya jadi tempat bergurau. Kawan-kawan walau jarang jumpa sesekali masih bertanya khabar. Teman lelaki walau ada masa-masa membuat kepala kusut, tapi tetap pada kebanyakan masa membuatkan hati riang. Dan orang tua, takkan pernah boleh bayangkan macamanalah kehidupan tanpa mereka. Bersyukur rasanya kan?

Jadi, teruskanlah hidup dengan apa adanya.

P/s: Sangat kepenatan sebenarnya. 

Sunday, November 7, 2010

couple pic @ facebook

Masa weekend hari tu, i had a chance to meet my ex-schoolmate. We used to be very close masa time sekolah dulu. But then after further study, masuk U, tiba2 lost contact for about 12 years. Yes, that long! So when we decided to meet i was so excited. She still same like those old times and im still me! 

We had this discussion about 'jodoh'. Hahah. Coincidentally we were attending one of our schoolmate's wedding on that day. It's common, soalan favourite yang akan ditanya each time you catch up with your friends or relatives adalah 'dah ada boyfriend?' or 'bila nak kawin?' *sigh* Until the day comes, people wont stop asking, no? Tapi kalau yang tanya tu pun belum kawin automatically i tanya dia balik. hahah. 

Im not the type of person who kinda easy to talk about my personal relationship to everybody.  Dont get me wrong here. I mean, for some person, mungkin lebih open untuk bercakap atau show off their relationship. Show off bukan maksud berlagak tau. Maksudnya macam terbuka lah nak cerita pasal pasangan dia. Kind of lah, taktau nak explain camne. Macam letak status kat facebook status in a relationship with bla bla bla. Ha, like that lah. I never did so. Dari masa zaman friendster lagi. Since then i've been in a relationship for quite some time jugak. Most of the time im afraid, if the relation's not working out while i've been telling like, the whole world about it! And the next thing might happen, i might upload another pic of me with different guy! errr...new relationship? 

Of course when you're in a relationship, you only hope the best for both of you. Who wants a bad ending right? But sometimes, things just...happen! Even beyond our wish. And let say benda tu terjadi, something bad happen in your relationship, but all this while u created an album of you 2 @ facebook, everyone knows about it. You two been dedicating songs at each other's wall, writing all the jiwang-jiwang ayat. It's sweet. And maybe to you it's even sweeter because all your 89,678 friends can see it at your wall. It's not their fault they seen it right? Then if something bad happen, what would you do? Deleting all the pictures is an option. Then friends would throwing the questions of what happened? Wont it hurts you even more? *sigh*  So all this while, i've been protecting myself actually. I always pray and hope the best for myself (for both of us and our relation too). But in case someday, it's written that he and i not meant to be, i just want to make the break as clean as possible. 

It just my opinion.  No, i dont say its wrong to put couple picture @ facebook. I have nothing against it ok? Maybe someday i might want to do the same too. Who knows? (maybe im thinking about it now..hiii) So pls dont be bitter. Just let me voice out my opinion. And maybe you could share yours

We are only human, and NOT perfect.