Friday, October 8, 2010

Update From Frankfurt

Heloooo blog..heheh.. 
It's 5.30 am now in Frankfurt. Dah tak boleh tido dah. Been packing the bag and everything. Semalam 1 whole day morning till evening spend kat bookfair. OMG im so speechless upon seeing the bookfair. It's sooo BIG. The Frankfurt Messe (exhibition centre) sangat lah besar and to go from hall to hall pun ada shuttle bus. So sad i dont bring any flat sandal. Even pakai wedges pun not very comfy as i walk a lot. I dont have much time to explore Frankfurt as i spent most of the time working. Got few appointments yesterday with certain publishers. As for today, im going to separate with my dad as we got to go to different hall. Dad is more on searching for school's library books, dealing with packagers, choosing titles to import while me got to focus on higher education area, international academic publishers, make some contacts with them and so on. So im going to round the bookfair alone today.

We will be at the bookfair for another half day then at noon will be back to the hotel, pack our luggages and then have to take train to Frankfurt Hahn. We will be staying at the hotel nearby Hahn Airport as we got early morning flight to catch tomorrow to Milan. That will be saying, enough with works, now lets get some shoppingggg done. hahaha. I just manage to buy few fridge magnets and key chains at Frankfurt. Memang xde chance langsung nak masuk kedai shopping. Some more after balik bookfair of course we were tired and sleepy plus kaki sakit lagi nak jalan. But nevermind, i will just rely on 2 full days we are going to have in Milan and kat sana takde appointments dgn publisher ke hape..cuma..err..appointments dengan kedai2 jer..heheheh...

Ok, just a snapshot @ frankfurt. Will upload more photos later on maybe when im back home.

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