Monday, October 4, 2010

The Trip :) back! heheheh.

Alhamdulillah open house hari Ahad hari tu berjalan lancar. Penat memanglah since everything in house punya kerja. Takde amik catering ke hape. Umi masak all the foods.  Gambar open house akan diupload nanti yer (bila tu??!!)

So now im still bz selesaikan kerja2 opis sebelum amik 1 week leave. Amik leave untuk pergi keje jugak sebenarnya. Cuma kat luar negara lah.
Ikutkan nak pegi berjalan and lupakan kerja yang tinggal adalah mustahil. When my dad 1st asked me about this trip to Frankfurt Bookfair pun 1st thing that crossed my mind was tak busy ke hujung2 tahun macam ni nak pegi oversea (in my area of job hujung tahun adalah waktu kerja biasanya adalah banyak). But like he said, kerja mmg takkan habis. And surely somebody else could handle the jobs while im away kan. I just have to delegate the jobs, and put some not so urgent matters on hold till im back.

So, we are going to spend 2 full days at the Frankfurt Book Fair. I dont have much time to prepare anything. In fact hotel pun baru semalam booking. One thing kat Frankfurt ni, during bookfair hotel semua jadi overprice. Average is 1k per night kalau nak yang betul-betul area exhibition centre. Imagine have to pay 1k per night just for accomodation. And no, its not even a luxury hotel. Just hotel with basic standard macam Seri Malaysia jek. My dad leave it to me to book a hotel for us (he provided the plastic card, of course). I'll tell more about the hotel and do some review after i experience it myself okey.

Frankfurter BuchMesse = Frankfurt Book Fair

And owh, about our next destination after Frankfurt. Remember it's between 3 choices which are Amsterdam, Zurich and Milan?


So, on our 4th day, we are going to fly to Milan, Italy. 

Why Milan?

Because among the 3 of us, mum and i vote for Milan. Hahahaha.

I havent book hotel in Milan. But owh, if u're looking for hotels in Duomo area (the trademark of Milan) the price is around 1k and above!  Unless u decide to duduk jauh sikit then u can get hotel price around 400-700. I told dad and he just said, nevermind just book hotel yg dekat Duomo area if its more convenient to me and mum to go shopping around (and he staying in the hotel room, but i'll make sure they provide free wi-fi connection dad). Owh have i mentioned here how i love my dad so much? hiksss. And 1 more thing after i did some survey fly to Milan is much cheaper compare to others. I checked the alternative travel by train as well. We fly using budget airline Ryan Air. The cost? Around 100 euro for 3 persons! A real bargain kan.

Ok ape lagi nak taip ni. Part packing barang? No, i tak buat ape pun lagi. I hate last minute packing kalau nak pegi jalan jauh as i know, mestiiii ada je benda tertinggal. And if u're thousand miles away from home, it's so damn annoying kalau ada benda tertinggal and dah sampai baru teringat kenapa lah tak bawak tu tak bawak ni. But since im a bit busy for the past few days, and still kena masuk opis siapkan keje so pasrah je lah. Part tukar duit? err...maybe i just leave it to dad *ahem* (hoping tomorrow dad's gonna hand me some euros, hahah).

Okeyyy panjang pulak membebel ni. 

Hope i'll have some time to write again before i leave.

A snapshot during our open house:

me, mum and ifa


Lucille said...

Hai, how are you? i like back again to read your blog post

See u

aRi sHu said...

have fun there dear..

p/s: x jmput pn open hse.. :P