Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Last update before leaving for Frankfurt

Booking hotel
Done yesterday. Both hotel in Frankfurt and Milan dah book! Hotel kat Milan is much expensive. I buat reservation through www.booking.com. The price there is cheaper than kalau book direct pun. Murah sikit jelah tapi. Booking ni pun based on review kat web je lah. And of course, free wi-fi connection in room adalah wajib.

Online check in
All flights dah buat check in which are MAS (JB-KL), Qatar Airways (KL-Doha-Frankfurt), RyanAir (Frankfurt-Milan). There will be one night stop over kat Doha and the next morning baru fly to Frankfurt.

Bookfair registration
Already registered as a trade visitor. Had to pay 56 euro per pax for this. The bookfair will be held for 5 days but only the last 2 day will be open to public. The first 3 days is open to trade visitor only. Bookseller, publisher, author, distributor, etc. 

Pack barang
Headache. Tu je nk cakap. I have some respects for people who can really travel light and easy. Me? If it is possible to bring the whole wardrobe i'll probably do so. 

Tukar duit
Hari ni kot. Mesti hari ni, kalau tak bila lagi pulak kan.

Oklah. I really dont have much time to blog. Please pray that i gonna have a blast and safe holiday ye you all. Not a real holiday maybe as i still have to work..hahah..but still? Travel + work always makes me excited. Err..the farther the distance is lagi baik kot? heheh. InsyaAllah will post some updates IF possible. And owh, pls hope that im not gonna be totally broke after this trip. Since im going with my boss i could possibly ask for 3 months advance kat Milan kan?? heheheh.


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amiza said...

wish you a safe journey and enjoy shopping!!