Wednesday, October 13, 2010


Safely reached home. Arrived about 14 minutes ago. Terus blogging. Hehehe..i cant sleep anymore. Touchdown KLIA jam 9.15, my brothers fetched us at the airport pergi makan2 and then terus took midnight bus to JB. Mane ada flight dah malam2 ni to JB, the earliest pukul 7 pagi. So kena balik jugak naik bus since at 7 i have to go to Pahang. Pukul 4 pagi tadi sampai rumah pukul 7 dah nak kena keluar kerja. *sigh*. Jetlag? Forget it. I have work to do. Some responsibilities to be fulfilled. So that next year boleh pergi Italy lagi and get another Gucci. Oppssss...muahahaha..

The trip to Frankfurt, Milan and Qatar was sooo fantastic. I met awesome peoples, visited interesting places and..err..shops? The experience was priceless. Nantilah cerita panjang2. For now, let me get some rest yer.

Much loves.
Muah :)

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