Sunday, October 31, 2010

Ho Chi Minh City Part 1

Tiket ke Vietnam ni beli dah lama. Rasa sejak hujung tahun lepas kot. Bila AirAsia wat promosi. So i booked tickets for my family and some of the staff. Masa tu promotion price is around 200 per person. We went to Vietnam on Friday. All 10 of us. My parents went a day earlier. Our flight is around 9am. At 6am dah pegi LCCT. Mr. S was sending me to airport ;)

Around 11 reached our destination. Dad already at the Tan Son Nhat International Airport to pick us. We go straight to the hotel. The journey took around 30 minutes only. We chartered a van for all 12 of us.

The location of our hotel is really awesome. Just opposite of the Famous Ben Tanh Market. We just have to cross the road and dang! Here we go shopping lah what else kan? The Ben Tanh Market is opening as early as 8am till 7pm. After 7 jalan kat situ pulak tutup as the night market will begin. From the view of our hotel room pun dah boleh nampak Ben Tanh and nite market tu.

Pose in front of our hotel. This is on our 2nd day.

After lunch kat hotel (mum prepared some food for us) without wasting any more time terusss zass lari ke pasar Ben Tanh (over plak pakai word lari tuh hikkss). Even it just our first day, takde nak survey2 dulu ke hape terus memborong okeh. Dalam penatnya masing2 tetaplah excited membeli. And you know i didnt bring lots of money to Vietnam actually. Because i didnt know what to expect here plus i just want to shop for myself so i thought takkan lahh tak cukup duit aku bawak ni. Just after spent few minutes at the Ben Tanh Market, I KNOW. I know that my money wont be enough like this okeh! I want to spend MORE! hahaha. Giler tamak kan. And after went to the nite market that nite i knew i have to ask my mum some cash advance.

What you can find in Ben Tanh Market?

Kain baju

Sangat2 la berlambak jual kain pasang kat sini. And they also sell in bulk here. Macam nak beli 1 kayu gitu. Kain sulam, cotton, vietnam silk.  And owh the price is superrrr cheap. Pasal tu 3 hari berturut duk ulang-alik pegi Ben Tanh..hahah..sulam vietnam sangat la sweet. Later i'll snap some photos and share it here ok. And another interesting thing here is we can choose our kain pasang and terus tempah jahit. Can be done in one day only! so that evening i pun rasa nak cuba i tempah 1 kurung moden. The next day they sent it to my hotel and i must say im very satisfied with the result. Seriously, patut boleh tempah banyak2 lagi.


Trust me, u'll be soo rambang mata nak pilih untuk bawak balik. Not just things like key chain and fridge magnet, tapi ada macam2 design beg sulam dengan macam2 size. Sangat cantik and murah also. Ada jugak beg kecik2 yang org buat souvenir majlis kahwin. But if u insist to buy in a large quantity like 500 and above maybe boleh cari kat tempat lain and get cheaper price. At this market u can find t-shirt vietnam untuk bagi souvenir also. But maybe u can just get it at the night market. Cheaper ok.


Banyak jugak nih. Bukan kasut biasa lah. Kasut sulam or manik yang comel2. I didnt buy any pun. Takde masa dah nak memilihnya lagi.


Kat pasar ni ada section untuk food jugak. Tapi sure memang tak halal lah. Cuma kalau nak cari kopi vietnam boleh beli kat sini. Banyak kedai jual. Vietnam is also famous for their coffee actually. Would be nice to give as souvenir also.

Any other things that i missed out? Surely there are lots to find in the market. Just that i didnt have much time to explore. The truth is, i just went back and forth to this one particular shop that sells kain pasang. hihihi. I prefer Ben Tanh compare to Chatuchak Market in Bangkok. But Pasar Baru (Bandung) and Tanah Abang (Jakarta) will always be in my favourite list.

Halal food is not very easy to find. They serve pork everywhere, yuckss. But there is one area here yang ada few kedai makan halal. Forgot the place's name. But then, u could always survive with maggie and snacks kan.

We had our lunch at this restaurant owned by a Malaysian.

So there goes story on our first day and third day as well. Spent most of the time shopping. Tu pun tak puas lagi. Unfortunately all of us have space issues when we packing to go back home! Terpaksa stop membeli coz tak tau nak pack kat mane dah. hahaha. 

That's not a wrap yet. Will update on our visit to Chu chi Tunnel in the next entry. After im done with my Vietnam trip i'll share about my Europe trip okeh. Sorry for such a long delay. Kerja banyakkk. 

Bubbye :)


aNoi said...

wah wah wah

shop till you drop eh?

jelesssssss! haha

Anonymous said...

nk tnya, kalau vietnam silk tu, ikut duit malaysia agak2 dlm bape ringgit? sbb sye pon nk ke vietnam xlama lagi ni.