Friday, September 3, 2010

A week

Lama dah tak buat entry letak gambar syok sendiri kan. Balik-balik nak emosi. Haha. Went to Singapore recently. Saje jalan-jalan cari pasal kasut raya. Gila gigih macam kat JB takde kedai kasut. Tapi serius takde yang menarik pun kat orchard road tu. Plus its not a sale season in Singapore. I missed the Great Singapore Sale (GSS) last June. 

This is by far trip paling banyak i jalan kat Orchard Road. 
Bulan puasa pulak tu.  But seriously i wouldnt really mind walk for miles kalau kiri kanan ada shopping complex. Did you know kat Orchard Road ni saje ada 2 butik LV? And still it surprises me when i saw the long queue just to get into the boutique. Hurmm..yes, orang beratur panjang untuk masuk butik tu. I mean, like hello kat Gaza sana pun orang beratur jugak berebut makanan free. And here in Singapore people actually queued to get into a handbag boutique that we all knew *ehem* the range of price. But anyway, looks who's talking. Haha. Okeh shall not say anything on that. In case mum read my blog. She'd probably tell my dad that i already have so much money to splurge and didnt need a pay rise for like 5 years from now. 

And this was taken before i went to Metrojaya Sales on Merdeka Day. Somebody asked me how i celebrate Malaysia's Independence Day so i just said i went shopping all day long. Haha. But anyways, i think i bought some 'barangan buatan Malaysia' *self-defense*

And in couple of hours i'll be going to Singapore again. This time around its purposely because


Haute Sales in Singapore!

Brands offered:

Kate Spade
Juicy Couture
M by MJ

So gear up girl, im going to be there as early as possible 
(i think there gonna be a long queue, eheh).

P/s: For some reason, i takuttt dah nak reveal barang shopping kat blog (with intention of sharing, mind you)


~ As ~ said...

tp saya suka tgk org reveal 'hasil' shoping mereka..seronok tengok...

miss R.e.p.u.n.z.a.L said...

omey, cantik baju no2 tu..beli mn ek? love the colour. btw.
mcm best je haute sales tu?

gucci agak2 murah sket tak compare klcc??? huhu

Ms. Omey said...

As: yup. mmg best kan tgk org lain shopping wpun bkn brg sndri. hihi. tgklh nnti.

Linda: beli kat jusco je. suka colournya jugak. the sales is not so bad la. 30-40% murah sket dr boutique tp choice sangattt limit. susah nk berkenan.