Sunday, September 26, 2010

the busyness

I think must be cursed with some kind of bad luck pasal dah nak pegi jalan jauh pun masihhh banyakkkk keja. Left with no choice, terpaksa settlekan apa yang boleh since i wont be around in office for about 1 week. I wont whine too much okeh. That's my 'periuk nasi'. I have to work hard or else how im going to buy all the new clothes, shoes, bags. Okey, kidding, i mean to save a lot of money actually.

So, just a quick update what goes around:

I'll be going to KL on Wednesday and gonna spend 1,2 nights there and probably celebrating my birthday (hint! hint!) with..errr....ok lets just leave it there.

I'll be around at Pameran Buku Akademik at UPM and do some books selection there. One of my most fav activity. Never thought before that selecting books for library could be so much fun. And will be wayyy better kalau buat kat oversea..muahaha..

On 3rd Oct (Sunday) we will be having Raya Open House at my house. Owh, going to be very busy with the preparation and all that.

On 6th Oct...going to fly far far away!

I have lots to blog actually. I remember i still not finish the post on my trip to Universal Studios Singapore. I havent blog about de-bond my bracess process. And also some other post that i would really like to put in my blog as my future reference. Some photos that means a lot to me. Some experience that i would never want to forget. So i have to write it down. Ok, maybe it's not writing, typing actually. 

Ok, ok enough with blogging. Got to get back to work :(


miss R.e.p.u.n.z.a.L said...

babe..bile ke KL.. lets meet up..

Ms. Omey said...

babe..skrg schedule tight sure i mmg nakkkk jmpa u..nnti i cuba fix masa anytime naik kl yg free sikit eh..