Wednesday, September 22, 2010

business AND pleasure

Still remember my post in April about my trip to London yang tak jadi?

Hehehe. Yes. I was planned to visit the London Book Fair on last April but the trip has to be cancelled due to the whatever-its-name volcano eruption in iceland.

But then i got another chance to visit another bokfair this October. And, this is much bigger opportunity to me as this is the world largest bookfair ever been organized. Guess where it will be held? Frankfurt, Germany. Of course im excited. To visit the bookfair, i mean. Being in this industry, this kind of opportunity means a lot to me. I've been to New Delhi Bookfair before and i think the event was big enough and now im going to the largest event and couldnt imagine how its going to look like. My first time actually but my parents had experienced visited the bookfair years before. The purpose of visiting? Yeah definitely we're going to import some books, expand the network with some other publishers, make new discoveries and also searching opportunities to buy rights and licenses. 

And also, for our own pleasure, ahem we decided to, well you know, its going to be boring if u just spend the whole time for work, work and work. All work and no play makes omey a dull girl, no?


We're not going to spend the whole trip to visit Frankfurt only!

We decided to visit another country and after few arguments discussion we managed to narrow down the choice to these 3 places:

Amsterdam, The Netherlands
canal, tulips, red light district, errr..the legal plant

Zurich, Switzerland
Alps, sightseeing, historic buildings

Milan, Italy
A girl's dream. Enough said.

I couldnt possibly suggest London/ Paris though as my parents already been there few times and dad wants to explore new place. He voted for Rome/ Spain actually but turns out the air/ train ticket quite expensive and not price-wise. Well, the decision has been made actually. Tickets already confirmed.

To which place?



amiza said...

omey, nak ikut gi switzerland!!i've been to frankfurt before but don't have much time to explore..we planned to visit switzerland last time when we visited europe, tp disebabkan en.suami tak dpt cuti, so terpaksa la cancel..rugi je!!ape2 pon, all the besy for your work n play!!nak pesan barang boleh??hehehe..nanti amek gambar byk2 kat sana tau..

Nanak said...

buy me sumtink ok..=)

:: LadyVerde + Mr.Doc :: said...

me me meeeee!!!
i know i know i know!
insyaallah later i revert ur mail k ;D

Ms. Omey said...

miza: boleh je dear..nk pesan ape kah? drop me an email k!

nanak: ok. noted :)

verde: hahahaha. of course u know! thanx a lot dear. really appreciate ur help.