Tuesday, September 28, 2010


Im officially turned 27 today.

Guess that when u're 27, u dah berada pada satu tahap usia yang matang, life yang stabil. And it's a stage of life when you should know what you want in life. Where you decide your life should be. Are you going to take major step that going to change your life forever? Or you just going to stick to where you are now. In that case, you think you already where you wanted to be. Of course, sometimes i pun ada my own hesitation jugak. Some things that i regret. But you know when people always said there's no turning back? You just have to look forward. And move on.

What do i wish on my birthday?
To be honest, A LOT actually!

But no, im not going to list out things that i know will be beyond my reach.

So i just decide to be happy with whatever i have right now.
Whatever is MINE.

Or...err.. going to be mine?


Khumaera Ismail said...

heppy besday =)

syiekin azam said...

happy birthday omey!!!

amiza said...

happy birthday omey..we are born on the same month. it is something for you to move forward and try to achieve whatever you want(a notes to myself too)..god bless you..insyaAllah..

aRi sHu said...

happy birthday dear!! have a great one..

:: LadyVerde + Mr.Doc :: said...

happy birthday babe!