Wednesday, September 29, 2010

29th september

i dont really like the movie we watched,
but i like the person who sits next to me throughout the movie


Tuesday, September 28, 2010


Im officially turned 27 today.

Guess that when u're 27, u dah berada pada satu tahap usia yang matang, life yang stabil. And it's a stage of life when you should know what you want in life. Where you decide your life should be. Are you going to take major step that going to change your life forever? Or you just going to stick to where you are now. In that case, you think you already where you wanted to be. Of course, sometimes i pun ada my own hesitation jugak. Some things that i regret. But you know when people always said there's no turning back? You just have to look forward. And move on.

What do i wish on my birthday?
To be honest, A LOT actually!

But no, im not going to list out things that i know will be beyond my reach.

So i just decide to be happy with whatever i have right now.
Whatever is MINE.

Or...err.. going to be mine?

Sunday, September 26, 2010

the busyness

I think must be cursed with some kind of bad luck pasal dah nak pegi jalan jauh pun masihhh banyakkkk keja. Left with no choice, terpaksa settlekan apa yang boleh since i wont be around in office for about 1 week. I wont whine too much okeh. That's my 'periuk nasi'. I have to work hard or else how im going to buy all the new clothes, shoes, bags. Okey, kidding, i mean to save a lot of money actually.

So, just a quick update what goes around:

I'll be going to KL on Wednesday and gonna spend 1,2 nights there and probably celebrating my birthday (hint! hint!) with..errr....ok lets just leave it there.

I'll be around at Pameran Buku Akademik at UPM and do some books selection there. One of my most fav activity. Never thought before that selecting books for library could be so much fun. And will be wayyy better kalau buat kat oversea..muahaha..

On 3rd Oct (Sunday) we will be having Raya Open House at my house. Owh, going to be very busy with the preparation and all that.

On 6th Oct...going to fly far far away!

I have lots to blog actually. I remember i still not finish the post on my trip to Universal Studios Singapore. I havent blog about de-bond my bracess process. And also some other post that i would really like to put in my blog as my future reference. Some photos that means a lot to me. Some experience that i would never want to forget. So i have to write it down. Ok, maybe it's not writing, typing actually. 

Ok, ok enough with blogging. Got to get back to work :(

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

business AND pleasure

Still remember my post in April about my trip to London yang tak jadi?

Hehehe. Yes. I was planned to visit the London Book Fair on last April but the trip has to be cancelled due to the whatever-its-name volcano eruption in iceland.

But then i got another chance to visit another bokfair this October. And, this is much bigger opportunity to me as this is the world largest bookfair ever been organized. Guess where it will be held? Frankfurt, Germany. Of course im excited. To visit the bookfair, i mean. Being in this industry, this kind of opportunity means a lot to me. I've been to New Delhi Bookfair before and i think the event was big enough and now im going to the largest event and couldnt imagine how its going to look like. My first time actually but my parents had experienced visited the bookfair years before. The purpose of visiting? Yeah definitely we're going to import some books, expand the network with some other publishers, make new discoveries and also searching opportunities to buy rights and licenses. 

And also, for our own pleasure, ahem we decided to, well you know, its going to be boring if u just spend the whole time for work, work and work. All work and no play makes omey a dull girl, no?


We're not going to spend the whole trip to visit Frankfurt only!

We decided to visit another country and after few arguments discussion we managed to narrow down the choice to these 3 places:

Amsterdam, The Netherlands
canal, tulips, red light district, errr..the legal plant

Zurich, Switzerland
Alps, sightseeing, historic buildings

Milan, Italy
A girl's dream. Enough said.

I couldnt possibly suggest London/ Paris though as my parents already been there few times and dad wants to explore new place. He voted for Rome/ Spain actually but turns out the air/ train ticket quite expensive and not price-wise. Well, the decision has been made actually. Tickets already confirmed.

To which place?


Tuesday, September 21, 2010

something that makes me smile :)

if i knew it would feel this good


Sunday, September 19, 2010


In a way, i do not want to sound ungrateful.

Macam tak bersyukur dengan apa yang ada.

Macam-macam nikmat Tuhan bagi tapi masih mengeluh.

But no, im not going to lie to myself.

Im not happy.

Whatever it takes to make me happy right now, trust me, i'll take it.

So next time when you see somebody who seems to have a perfect life from your own point of view, before you compare both of your life, before you even utter the words she's so lucky, please, think twice.

Because, well, you never know right?

Goodnite everybody.

*off to bed in tears*

Thursday, September 16, 2010

Mood raye dah takde

Just a quick update before i rush to the office..heheh.. working today. Dah start kerja dari hari Rabu lagi.
Tengok gaya kerja ni macam hari Ahad pun kena kerja niiiii.

So how's ur raya?
Mine wasn't so bad lah.
Bersalaman, mintak maaf, duit raya, makan2, ketupat, rendang, kuih -muih and whatnot.
Raya ketujuh terus demam.

I takde pic raya ramai2 macam orang lain pasal pas makan pagi, solat raya semua orang terus tak sabar nak serbu rumah orang beraya..huu..
so here just some random pics.

Again, selamat hari raya everyone. 
Raya sebulan kan?

Thursday, September 9, 2010

Raya :)

Selamat hari raya semua. 
Maaf zahir batin lah atas semua kesalahan.
Oh salah korang2 semua pun dimaafkan..hiii..
So enjoy hari your raya peeps.
And please pray for me too.
I sangat lah takde mood nak sambut raya.
But i know this raya is not all about myself only kan.
So again, Selamat Hari Raya to u all.

P/s: Guess that this blog will be idle for a while. Currently i've been working on a big tender to be submitted after Raya and i only have around 3 WEEKS to prepare for my coming trip to Frankfurt, Germany on early October. 

Monday, September 6, 2010


Hallo allerseits, wie u?

Motif letak map nih??????
Eh takde ape lah.
*grin from ear 2 ear*

Friday, September 3, 2010

A week

Lama dah tak buat entry letak gambar syok sendiri kan. Balik-balik nak emosi. Haha. Went to Singapore recently. Saje jalan-jalan cari pasal kasut raya. Gila gigih macam kat JB takde kedai kasut. Tapi serius takde yang menarik pun kat orchard road tu. Plus its not a sale season in Singapore. I missed the Great Singapore Sale (GSS) last June. 

This is by far trip paling banyak i jalan kat Orchard Road. 
Bulan puasa pulak tu.  But seriously i wouldnt really mind walk for miles kalau kiri kanan ada shopping complex. Did you know kat Orchard Road ni saje ada 2 butik LV? And still it surprises me when i saw the long queue just to get into the boutique. Hurmm..yes, orang beratur panjang untuk masuk butik tu. I mean, like hello kat Gaza sana pun orang beratur jugak berebut makanan free. And here in Singapore people actually queued to get into a handbag boutique that we all knew *ehem* the range of price. But anyway, looks who's talking. Haha. Okeh shall not say anything on that. In case mum read my blog. She'd probably tell my dad that i already have so much money to splurge and didnt need a pay rise for like 5 years from now. 

And this was taken before i went to Metrojaya Sales on Merdeka Day. Somebody asked me how i celebrate Malaysia's Independence Day so i just said i went shopping all day long. Haha. But anyways, i think i bought some 'barangan buatan Malaysia' *self-defense*

And in couple of hours i'll be going to Singapore again. This time around its purposely because


Haute Sales in Singapore!

Brands offered:

Kate Spade
Juicy Couture
M by MJ

So gear up girl, im going to be there as early as possible 
(i think there gonna be a long queue, eheh).

P/s: For some reason, i takuttt dah nak reveal barang shopping kat blog (with intention of sharing, mind you)

Wednesday, September 1, 2010


Saya bukan manusia sempurna.

Selalu cepat naik darah. Baran sangat. Pantang ada benda tak kena. Mula rasa nak tinggi suara sikit. Tapi marah saya tak pernah berpanjangan. Sekejap pun dah boleh reda. Rajuk saya bukan tak ada sudahnya. Dan kalau saya salah, tak pernah sekali saya rasa ego untuk meminta maaf atau memujuk.  Oh saya jugak kuat cemburu. Kalau tak ada sebab tolong jangan layan perempuan lain lebih-lebih yer. Dan perempuan-perempuan lain pun janganlah nak melebih-lebih pulak. Saya bukan jenis manis mulut peramah suka layan orang pandai bercerita. Saya lebih suka diam kalau dengan orang tak berapa kenal. Dan saya tak pernah kisah pun kalau orang tak nak cakap dengan saya. Hiii. 

Kebelakangan ni hati selalu tak tenang. Tak tahu kenapa. Selalu saya nangis sendiri malam-malam sebelum tidur. Nangis balik bila bangun tidur. Pergi kerja tak nangis. Tapi kadang-kadang tengah-tengah kerja saya masuk bilik air nangis kejap. Tapi saya pastikan takde orang tau. shhhhhh..(pasni kalau ada baca blog ni taulah)..Kadang-kadang saya rasa macam tak ada orang boleh paham saya. Takde siapa tahu ape yang saya nak sebenarnya. Tapi saya tahu Allah tahu. Awak tengok, saya macam orang lain jugak kan. Ada masa saya gembira. Tapi saya ada masa-masa sedih saya. Ada masa-masa 'sendiri' saya.  Ada masa dalam pada nak menangis saya cuba untuk ketawa, cuba untuk senyum, cuba untuk berlawak. Saya fikir mungkin boleh buat orang sekeliling saya gembira. Tapi siapa saya ada untuk gembirakan diri saya? 

Saya buat benda yang saya selalu buat bila saya rasa down. Shopping. Saya pergi Singapore, pergi warehouse sales. Saya beli kasut baru. Kasut baru selalu buat saya teruja. Tapi tidak untuk kali ini. Dan saya berpikir, mungkin 100 pasang kasut pun takkan mampu buat saya senyum semula seperti sebelumnya. Mungkin bukan kasut baru yang saya perlukan ketika ini.  

Jujurnya saya manusia biasa. Ada banyak kekurangan. Tapi ada jugak kelebihan. Dan kalau lah awak boleh melihat kelebihan saya dalam kekurangan-kekurangan yang saya ada. Alangkah baiknya. 

Dan kenapa ye, dalam pada masa kita dikelilingi ramai orang, itulah sebenarnya masa yang kita paling rasa sangat sunyi. Terlalu. Kenapa bila kita rasa kita ada segala-segalanya, sebenarnya bukan satu pun milik kita?