Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Universal Studios, Singapore Part 1

Warning: Entrt panjang, banyak gambar, and spoiler lah untuk korang yang belum pegi coz i might be quiet detail on certain parts, will try to be as informative as i can and sory la klu boring.

The trip to Universal Studios (U.S) ni boleh kata macam spontaneous plan. Tak rancang sangat pun sebenarnya tapi pasal hari tu masa Matta Fair kat JB ada special offer. Cost per ticket is $66 (same as web price) tapi ada additional offer dapat voucher $10 per ticket. So we decided to grab the offer and terus plan nak pegi the next week after Matta Fair (which is yesterday). And yes, we deliberately choose to go on Tuesday pasal nak mengelakkan crowd on weekend. Would suggest the same to you guys kalau boleh pegi time weekdays, tak terlalu crowded and the queue for rides pun tak lah menyeksa jiwa sangat. In fact some rides tak payah queue pun. Boleh naik 2,3 kali lagi.

We departed from home around 7 am. Actually 1 whole day is enough to tour the U.S. Yeah, i guess Singapore U.S is not so big unlike in other countries. Arrived around 10am (jammed kat Tambak) and started our journey right away!

The U.S is divided into 7 sections which are Hollywood, New York, Far Far Away Kingdom, The Lost World, Ancient Egypt, Madagascar and Sci-Fi City. Okey i will just jump my story to rides and shows yang kitorang pegi.

Junior Roller Coaster
Our first ride. Roller coaster ni je yang kitorang sefamily semua naik. The next one my parents and sister give up tak nak naik dah.

Shrek 4D
At the section Far Far Away Kingdom. Ermm..i never watch the movie actually. Not a fan. heheh. And the 4D at the U.S is kinda boring to me. I rasa best lagi tengok 3D adventure kat Sentosa Island. But anyway dah pegi kan so tengok je lah and just enjoy it.

Waterworld show
Definitely a not to be missed show. One of the famous attraction here. Time show ni ada 1 insiden memalukan jadik kat i. Beware where you seat yourself at this show. Coz tempat duduk yang bawah dekat dengan show semua adalah soak/ splash seaters. We decided to seat at the spash area. Konon takpelah basah sikit2. So before the show started, i decided untuk turun bawah dekat main area nak bergambar konon. I didnt notice the crews masa tu tgh sibuk isi air pancut nak basahkan pengunjung. And i was the 1st one yang basah! I was right at the center membelakangkan main area berdepan dengan orang ramai and soo ready nak posing untuk amik gambar. Tiba-tiba rasa basah satu badan and and peoples there were actually laughing at me! Seriously, very embarassing moment. Memang basah kuyup. And owh the show was great, awesome, fantastic okey u got the idea now.

The incident

Some of snapshots during the show:

Then we continue our journey to the Ancient Egypt area. The surrounding here is very nice. You know with the mummia and tombs everywhere. Our next ride was:

Revenge Of the Mummy
Oh my! This is a must try. High speed roller coaster in total darkness! Gila enjoy. Walaupun takut tapi pasal best sangat kitorang naik sampai 2 kali! Just me and my brothers je. Orang tua tak payah naik lah ;p

Since its already noon we had our lunch. For information, 5 out of 13  restaurants here adalah halal. So for dining please spot the restaurant with MUIS halal logo ye. The restaurants are Oasis Spice Cafe, Goldilocks, Friar's, Casa Del Wild and Mel's Drive In. We had our lunch at Oasis. In terms of price, sangat reasonable okeh.

Ok that's the end of Part 1. Will continue to the 2nd part later on. Tak larat dah nak taip panjang2 nak upload pic lagi. huhuuu.


syiekin azam said...

oohh omey..

adalah sgt mengujakan nak pegi sane gak..best3!!

p.s:aku adalah silent reader ko..ahaha tetibe jek..:D

Ms. Omey said...

thanx dear :)

cepat2 la pegi bwk aish mesti best. tp dia kecik lg ah hikss..

Qimie said...

wah macam best! nak g jgk lah!

selamat berpuasa to u too!