Saturday, August 21, 2010

The hardest part is over

Now that the hardest part is over. I think i could just move on. I SHOULD move on. Life has lots to offer us, isnt it? So im just gonna say goodbye to those past dreadful months. And here i am. Breathing. Surviving. Dont wanna fall again. After all, look at all things that i have, i couldnt be grateful enough. And now, i couldnt help but smile knowing that i no longer feel the pain each time i wake up EVERY MORNING. Or even the pain going off to sleep EVERY NIGHT (you know, the tears, nightmares and so on).

Well i thought it might be the 'berkat' of bulan Ramadhan as well.

Just one thing that bothers me. That i'm still not forgive. Its bad i know. But i'm human. I feel bad myself actually. You know the kind of things you said to yourself when somebody did something bad to you then you go mad and said said things like 'okey fine mintak2 esok ko kena macam ko buat aku hari ni then ko rasalah macam ape aku rasa ni'.  But sometimes i just wonder, when you hurt somebody, have it ever crossed your mind that the bad deeds done will return to you sometime??? I guess some people are so ignorant to what other feels. 

But after all, though it might takes time to forgive, i know someday i would. Just the 'day' hadnt come yet. 

Ok peeps. Gonna pack my stuff now. Going to KL today. 

P/s: I've been out-station to KL on a frequent basis now. And i get excited each time. Could this be because of ......? hurmmm just wonder.


Nanak said...

err, ada yg i termiss apa2 ke babe? anyway, take care ok..never look back again :) peace.

rindu nak mkn tart nenas gulung & almond london ko bebeh.

ederq said...

honey, we are in the same shoes now :)

amiza said...

hang on ya my dear..
life must go on!!

Ms. Omey said...

nanak: thanks dear. love u. owhh london almond da few years x buat. heh.

derq: owh, be strong babe (note to myself too..huuu)

miza: thanks babe! must goes on..