Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Bad Hair Day

Ok i have to confess this.

One of the stupidest thing i've ever done in my life is perming my hair.

What a stuuuuupid decision.

I really shouldnt.

I hate my new hair. *cry*

Thought that if any jejaka Lombok saw me with this new hair they might want to try me. Or maybe on this coming hari raya i shouldnt be any nearer to my bibik.

And now, i couldnt even bear to look in the mirror and see myself with what's-this-new-ugly-hair. So the result, just after 15 minutes came back from the saloon and wasted $$$ here i am at home try my best to straighten back my hair. Bloody ha. You know the rules not to wash your hair 48 hours after perming it? And dont ever use brush to comb your hair just use your own bare hand. So basically now, im doing all i can breaking all the rules and did the opposite things hoping the perming effect will gone. 

Please pray for me.

What a bad hair day! And i really mean bad hair!


aRi sHu said...

dear mmg mcm tu la..awal2 mmg kite x suke..tgk mcm x jd je kan..i prnh perm dua kali, dua kali i tak suke..haha..tp lama2 akn ok n cntik..cuma kena byk pki gel etc la..then jgn sikat..nnt kembang..

Ms. Omey said...

ohh ye ke?? i 1st time buat xtau..tgk dlm magz cantik2 je rambut curl so ingat klu buat trus jd camtu ke..heheh

fabulous.farah said...

ouh..awal2 kut.lama2 ok. my friend mcm tu dulu. baru bercita2 nak perm rambut lepas bersalin

~ As ~ said...

jgn sisir babe,nnt mengerabang, kalau dah cuci biar kering secara natural...

syiekin azam said...


jgn wat mcm tue..ahahaha..awal2 mmg nmpk cam kelakar skit..nanti2 lepas cuci, rmbt jd lawa..aku slalu perm rmbt..tak suke rebond..:D

Ms. Omey said...

farah: tu lah. i tak penah perm, rebond or colour rambut. rambut virgin heheh so tatau ape2.

as: rambut mengerbang?? ohh scary sungguh.

syiken: tq babe. komen ko buat aku rasa lega sikit. kalo tak susah ati pasal rambut ni tau. da la nk raye!