Saturday, July 10, 2010

quick update

Just want to do a quick update. Takde banyak masa nih. hihi.

I'm so happy coz finally i got my car backkkk!! Haru gila takde kereta ni tau. Bukan lah takde kereta langsung. Kereta company lain pun ada boleh guna. Tapi x besh. Ada GPS tracker plak tuh. hiii. Pasal repair kereta tu malas lah nak cerita. All that i can say, everything dah settle. Apparently, it didnt cost me that much. Alhamdulillah. Thank God. 

Another thing, i'll be going to Terengganu tomorrow. Lama plak tu pegi kali ni. For about a week. My room is in a total mess right now. Barang sepah sana sini. Know what i hate the most when going away? The packing part. Bukan pasal susah nak packing ke hape but i just hate the part bila i tak boleh nak bawak semua baju2 tu. Seriously, i always feel like bringing the whole wardrobe with me. Last week when i was in KL, i dont even have anything suitable to wear for a date! At that moment i hate to think about all the clothes i have in my room. Being a girl kan, kalau nak keluar pegi date mesti boleh termenung depan wardrobe keluar berpuluh pasang baju and pick the best one! I dunno whether it'll make any difference to the guy though. LOL.

So that's it peeps. 
Tolong doakan kerja i berjalan lancar.
 So that balik boleh bercuti puas2. Haha.
Till then. 

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Nadia Dzai said...

lucky your car dah ok dear, i pon pening same if happen to meee :)