Saturday, July 10, 2010

new coming movie "vampires suck" is so gonna be much better than the twilight saga

My first reaction when watch this trailer, is this movie for REAL??? Unfortunately, it is. Hahahah. It will be out in cinema this coming August.

I already watch eclipse last nite. Menyesal amik midnite ticket. I fall asleep halfway through the movie. No! It was not that boring. Tapi maybe pasal i penat kerja and after work rush to Singapore to fetch my parents at Changi. So penat sangat agaknya tak dapat nak fokus pada movie. Tapi overall for scenes yang i sempat tgk i rasa ok lah for edward twilight fans kannn. Of course lah novel lagi best. What can you expect? oh btw, i'm into jacob actually. Hahah.


Nanak said...

igt tak kita tgk midnite movie mlm tahun baru 2005?

Ms. Omey said...

which one? cerita doll master tu kan. ahaha serius ingat lg tajuk. pastu kena tahan kat guard kan. hehehe