Saturday, June 12, 2010

Boleh tak nak rindu blog sendiri?? hikhik

I miss my blog so much. I know, i know its been quite a while since my last update. Tapi nak wat camna. Ada keutamaan lain yang lebih penting. Ada benda-benda lain lagi yang lebih memerlukan perhatian selain dari blog sendiri. So here are few hightlights that i would like to share:

1. My body weight has been static for a while. Tak naik dan tak juga turun. And im still on with my diet. Kenape eh?

2. I just realized the best thing to do beside to forgive, is to forget. Some thing are just not meant to be the way we want it to be kan?

3. I try to appreciate people around me more, whom all this while has given their love unconditionally to me. Who stick with me no matter what. 

4. My next trip is to Sabah this July. woot woot. I really hope i can make it. Oh, kerja, tolonglah jangan halang trip i kali ni ok. Tolonglah tak sibuk sangat masa tu.

5. There are certain things in my life, that i would like to keep it confidential to myself only. Some people just dont get it. When comes the right time, i will be happy to tell everybody bout it ok? Just not yet.

6. I'm truly a girl. Hahah. I splurge lotssss of clothes, shoes, make up, accessories. Banyakkkkkkk. And still cant get enough of it.

7. Of any decisions i've made, or im going to make, it's always hard to please everybody. Somebody's not going to be happy with me. And i'm not happy myself for making somebody else's life miserable because of me.

8.  I have a confession to make. I Hate Football. And dont ask me which team i root for this 2010 worldcup. I dont have any. And never im going to pretend to like something that i hate. Yes, im not cool. So what?

9. At the moment, i just want to enjoy myself with people i love around me. And yes, im happy with the way i am now.

10. Ok sila tgk gambar pulak..hahah..


fabulous.farah said...

biasalah..biasa kalo diet satu tahap berat akan stagnant. teruskan jer diet, die turun jugak nanti

~ As ~ said...

wauuu gi sabah jalan2 ke atau kerja?
must go place - pasar pilipin, byk mutiara & kristal murah2 tau...

Ms. Omey said...

Farah: owh..berape lame plak tuh berat nk turunnn niii..

As: i study kat ums 4 yrs la dulu. ni nak melawat balik la tmpt2 kenangan time blajar dlu..huhu..