Thursday, May 20, 2010

Birthday Umi :)

Happy Birthday Umi tersayang
Just a simple and short wish from me
I wish i could write you a great song
Or maybe a long essay
Or a sweet poem perhaps?
But at the end of the thought, i knew, 
i knew nothing i do will match what you've done to me.
(eleh malas nak carik idea sebenarnya hahah)
I love u so much umi 

My precious



fabulous.farah said...

takpe sengal pon..berjaya bagi effect pipi cengkung..haha

happy bday to ur mom

aRi sHu said...

happy birthday untie!!!..hehe..

amiza said...

so sweet!!

coki - coki said...

blog walking.
follow u.
hit me back.(: