Sunday, April 25, 2010

World Bookfairs

I received mails asking me about the world bookfair. Why i'm visiting it? What type of the books display there? Is it the same as bookfair here? Thank you for showing your interest :) Yelah skang ni manalah ramai yang suka sangat bab buku ni. Pesta buku kat KL tu je pun belum tentu nak pegi. Left alone kalau kat oversea tu kan. Anyway, i pun belum ada peluang nak pegi semua tempat but just something that i could share, i visit the bookfair for trade purpose actually. Beli buku. Import bawak balik ke sini. And also to have the opportunity untuk kenal dengan some of the publishers there. Here i list out the World Bookfairs for 2010. Some of the date is already missed ya.

Cairo Book Fair
22 January - 5 february

New Delhi World Book Fair
30 January - 7 February

Taipei International Book Exhibition
 4 - 9 February 

Abu Dhabi Book Fair 
2 - 7 March

Kuala Lumpur Book Fair 
18 - 23 March

Bologna Children’s Book Fair 
23 - 26 March 

Bangkok International Book Fair 
26 March - 6 April

London Book Fair 
19 - 21 April

Budapest International Book Festival 
22 - 25 April

Tehran International Book Fair 
5 May - 15 May

Prague Book Fair 
13 - 16 May

BookExpo America  
28 -31 May

Tokyo International Book Fair 
8 - 11 July

Cape Town Book Fair  
30 July - 2 August

Sao Paulo International Book Fair 
12 - 22 August

Beijing International Book Fair 
30 August - 3 September 

Moscow International Book Fair 
1 - 6 September

London Remainder and Promotional Book Fair 
12 - 13 September

Istanbul Bookfair
30 October - 7 November

Frankfurt Book Fair  
6 - 10 October

The biggest one is still Frankfurt Bookfair. Some of the famous ones are London Bookfair, New Delhi Bookfair, Book Expo America. And yeah, unlike our bookfair, some of these bookfairs are not open for public and just for trade only. Kalau macam KL book fair tu memang everyday open to public kan. But the world bookfair their focus more on trade, so they just open for bookseller, contractors and librarian also. The fair is more like a meeting-place for the global publishing industry. Some that i know like Frankfurt bookfair, they just open for public on the last day of the bookfair whilst London remainder and promotional bookfair, though there are thousands of remainder and bargain books, the admission is only for trade visitors. But i think for international visitors takde masalah pun nak visit. Just register yourser as bookseller. But part nak beli buku tu i tak sure. Coz biasa deal atas nama company kan.

London bookfair pass. Hey, i have to pay 10 pound for this online registeration. And so sad, after all the preparation, volcano ash actually restrained us for being there :(


fabulous.farah said...

u ade comp jual buku ke? ke ur family..wah bagus~

Ms. Omey said...

business family actually. i keje skali je :)

~ sorry comments lain hilang. I approve but it didnt appear *shrug*