Monday, April 12, 2010

Finally, ticket to paris confirmed!! yeay!!

Finally, finally, selepas membodek memujuk my parents, they finally agreed to go to Paris!! So without wasting time terus la i buat online booking kat eurostar website. Spent more than 2 hours sitting in front of the pc hokeh. Kenapa la susah sangat nak get through website tu untuk wat credit card payment. I almost give-up tau. Tapi akhirnya berkat kesabaran (cewah),now i have this:

3 return tickets for us to Paris on 21st April. And yes, i tak bermalam pun kat Paris. haha..boleh gitu? We take the earliest train from London at 5.35 am and back to london by night train around 9 pm.  Just nak visit few attractions there (eiffel tower, of course), do some shopping (kalau ada duit lagi laaaa) tu je lah. Some more we already booked our hotel in London for 5 nights.  The price? Hurmm...i did a last-minute booking kan, just a week before pegi so tak la dapat murah sangat. Not that cheap tapi boleh la. It cost us around 100 euro per person. Tapi i dapat upgrade tiket balik to a leisure class. What more can i say? I'm sooo happy. 

Now i need some help. Anybody been to Paris before or if not pun tapi boleh suggestkan interesting places to visit or mall to shop in Paris??? My interest would be cosmetics, perfumes and such la. For designer handbag...err...kena pikir 10 kali jugak wooo nak splurge thousands just for handbag. But anyway, we'll see about that ;) I wouldnt bring much cash, can just use the plastic card if intend to buy something expensive. (And worry about the bills later when i come back haha)

P/s: Must be a boring trip for the parents since kena pegi balik eiffel tower and sume tempat2 dah penah pegi. Tapi terpaksa for their over excited daughter yang nak sangat pegi nih. Thank u so much!!


ederq said...

omeyyyy nakkkk ikuttttttt beshnyaaaaaaaaaaa

.:ANN512:. said...

heyya..thanks droppin' at my blog..check the latest info psl jb's boutiques..hehe :)

*sorry out of topic pulak*

aNoi said...

omeyyyyy nk ikut jugak!!!

jeles dgn sgt byk!!! T________T

ElyaElmo said...

jum gi switzerland for free pulak nak??

salam perkenalan~

Qimie said...

beshnya dia! jeles, jeles!

anyway, i've changed my blog URL.

fabulous.farah said...

tempat impian semua org nye u..