Sunday, April 18, 2010


15 April:
Came this breaking news about volcano eruption from iceland that affected europe airspace! Heathrow Airport was closed from 12pm (uk time) and all flights in and out have been suspended. They did review from time to time but as far i know, the condition is worsen.

16 April:
It's Friday! I called MAS call centre and was informed that the flight still on time. Tapi dah berdebar-debar la as heathrow was still closed kan. Later at night MAS leave voicemail at my dad's phone inform that our flight now retimed to Sunday 12 pm.
17 April:
Despite the latest information we still went to Senai Airport at 6am since we bought connection flight JB (7am)-KL(10am)-London. Too bad sistem kat JB tak boleh check status terkini flight ke UK. They suggest that we just board to kl first and confirm with KLIA staff. So we just check in our luggage and everything. Memang dah ready nak naik flight ke kl lah. Daftar masuk, pegi Plaza Lounge breakfast, solat subuh, then around 6.45 as we were about to check in flight, the staff tiba-tiba naik and met my dad. He said KL already confirmed that there'll be no flights to London on Saturday. All cancelled. So we decided not to board to KL lah and wait until further notice. The staff even said they already asingkan our luggage nak tarik balik. So, terpaksa la keluar balik kan. We went to ticketing office to settle few things. Luckily we fly by MAS. So even kena tukar tarikh tiket ke hape ke takde masalah. And their staff have been especially helpful. 

Yeah im a bit frustrated but have to accept the fact there's nothing we can do for the moment. We just have to wait for the updates. Sangat risau okeh. Apa yang membimbangkan i bookfair London tu cuma 3 hari je. 19-21. In case lah hari selasa or rabu baru boleh terbang, there'll be no point lah kan if we missed the bookfair. Dad already came up with plan B, in case the situation not improving, we might just have to cancel our plan. Tak jadi visit London Bookfair tapi tukar visit Frankfurt Bookfair bulan 10 nanti. So we just change our London trip to October and then go to frankfurt[germany] by train or plane. Rugi memang lah. Hotel dah bayar. Eurostar tickets to Paris lagi. Travel insurance pun tak cover untuk kes bencana alam. But so far i already email the hotel and eurostar asking for refund. 

Latest news MAS cancel all europe bound flight from 15-19. Few options are given to us which either we claim for refund, changing travel time or change origin destinitation to Rome (Rome Airport is unaffected) instead but the land arrangement to London is on our own. Rome-London is quite far jugak it is only applicable to those mat saleh yang stranded kat KLIA and nak balik negara diorang.

Ok, that's all i can update for now. I do feel sad. But always believe that perancangan Allah adalah yang terbaik kan :). I will still have the opportunities later. 


Anonymous said...

further studies in europe and then u can get to go anywhere u want easily

aNoi said...

Jangan sedey okeh... maybe DIA nk bwk ko ke tempat yg lagi best.. ^^

Ms. Omey said...

anon: further studies?? sorry, not an option to me..

senah: yeahh..insyaAllah ada rezeki lain kali :)