Thursday, April 29, 2010


Masa awal-awal dulu rasa macam suka je tengok citer ni. Macam best + sweet. Lately ni rasa menyampah pulak. I hate the part Maya boleh pulak keluar dating ngan Dani. Boleh pulak Dani tu pegang2 peluk2 isteri orang??!!! I know itu cuma lakonan but sometimes i rasa ada benda2 dalam drama Melayu ni yang buat rasa cam kurengg berkenan je nak tengok. Memang sangat tak suka sebenarnya kalau tengok isteri orang/ suami orang buat camtu kat belakang2. 

Walaupun Lisa Surihani tu jauhhhhhh lebih cantek  tapi tetap jugak nak upload pic diri sendiri jek!

Happy Friday peeps!! ;)

Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Refund MAS, Total Loss :(

Since the trip to London cancelled, we already went to MAS branch in JB to claim for our refund. Tapi..errr..duit tu lagi 2 bulan baru dapat pun. Lambat jugak. And from i heard, sebenarnya mula-mula MAS tanak bagi 100% refund pun for those yang cancel trip pasal volcano eruption hari tu. Nak kenakan surcharge RM200 sorang pulak. Ishh..mane aci..we have to bear other loss also. Like us, i calculate around 2000++ jugak rugi sebab tak jadi pegi. Big amount came from eurostar tickets London-Paris for 3. Macam tak boleh refund jek since it's a promotional ticket. Non refundable and non exchangeable. I did email them, tapi takde jawapan pun :(.Selain tu rugi pasal accomodation dah bayar. Luckily dad's a member of Berjaya Vacation Club so using his privilege as a member, rate hotel dapat far cheaper than rate biasa. 
And LUCKILY i didnt go and buy all the online entrance ticket to London Eye, Madam tassaud, Eiffel Tower and banyak lagi lah. Paham je lah masa tu tengah excited bebeno so duk depan pc memang gatal tangan sangattt nak beli online je sume guna plastic card. Konon-konon dapat sikit diskaun lah. Bila tak jadi hambik kau! Kot-kot boleh naik Eye of Malaysia guna tiket London Eye ke??? Eiffel Tower tu ganti ngan KL Tower jek la?? Haihhh...Nasib baik jugak lah i tak beli. Takpe..hopefully ada rezeki untuk next year. Tapi tak tau jugak pasal for previous years London Bookfair asyik clash ngan KL bookfair je. Frankfurt Bookfair pulak clash ngan bulan syawal time orang nak beraya. This year we're quite lucky actually bila KL bookfair dipercepatkan ke bulan 3. And Frankfurt bookfair pun dah hujung2 syawal. So kemungkinan besar dapat lah pergi. Hopefully. But it's still early to book flight. Maybe dalam bulan 5, 6 baru beli tiket nanti.

p/s: My intention is just to share how i felt ok. To you out there, pls dont get me wrong. Ok peeps. Have to get back to work :)

Sunday, April 25, 2010

World Bookfairs

I received mails asking me about the world bookfair. Why i'm visiting it? What type of the books display there? Is it the same as bookfair here? Thank you for showing your interest :) Yelah skang ni manalah ramai yang suka sangat bab buku ni. Pesta buku kat KL tu je pun belum tentu nak pegi. Left alone kalau kat oversea tu kan. Anyway, i pun belum ada peluang nak pegi semua tempat but just something that i could share, i visit the bookfair for trade purpose actually. Beli buku. Import bawak balik ke sini. And also to have the opportunity untuk kenal dengan some of the publishers there. Here i list out the World Bookfairs for 2010. Some of the date is already missed ya.

Cairo Book Fair
22 January - 5 february

New Delhi World Book Fair
30 January - 7 February

Taipei International Book Exhibition
 4 - 9 February 

Abu Dhabi Book Fair 
2 - 7 March

Kuala Lumpur Book Fair 
18 - 23 March

Bologna Children’s Book Fair 
23 - 26 March 

Bangkok International Book Fair 
26 March - 6 April

London Book Fair 
19 - 21 April

Budapest International Book Festival 
22 - 25 April

Tehran International Book Fair 
5 May - 15 May

Prague Book Fair 
13 - 16 May

BookExpo America  
28 -31 May

Tokyo International Book Fair 
8 - 11 July

Cape Town Book Fair  
30 July - 2 August

Sao Paulo International Book Fair 
12 - 22 August

Beijing International Book Fair 
30 August - 3 September 

Moscow International Book Fair 
1 - 6 September

London Remainder and Promotional Book Fair 
12 - 13 September

Istanbul Bookfair
30 October - 7 November

Frankfurt Book Fair  
6 - 10 October

The biggest one is still Frankfurt Bookfair. Some of the famous ones are London Bookfair, New Delhi Bookfair, Book Expo America. And yeah, unlike our bookfair, some of these bookfairs are not open for public and just for trade only. Kalau macam KL book fair tu memang everyday open to public kan. But the world bookfair their focus more on trade, so they just open for bookseller, contractors and librarian also. The fair is more like a meeting-place for the global publishing industry. Some that i know like Frankfurt bookfair, they just open for public on the last day of the bookfair whilst London remainder and promotional bookfair, though there are thousands of remainder and bargain books, the admission is only for trade visitors. But i think for international visitors takde masalah pun nak visit. Just register yourser as bookseller. But part nak beli buku tu i tak sure. Coz biasa deal atas nama company kan.

London bookfair pass. Hey, i have to pay 10 pound for this online registeration. And so sad, after all the preparation, volcano ash actually restrained us for being there :(

Thursday, April 22, 2010

Pain in the ass....

When i see these London Bookfair 2010 pics...

So the show still goes on from 19th - 21st despite the facts that many international exhibitors and visitors cant make it as they were stranded in their respective countries. Heathrow was closed on 15th. Most visitors booked flight around 4-5 days before the bookfair. And..err..yes..that's including me. I know most of us yang stranded and plan to visit the bookfair pinned little hope if the fair can be delayed. Tapi yelah, last-minute ada halangan, surely its not that easy to postpone such a big event. I dont wanna talk about the volcano eruption. Had enough of it. I might just as well  resigned to the fact that i missed the bookfair and cancel the trip London and Paris. I even already made some appointment with certain publishers at the bookfair! Nevermind, there must be something really good waiting for me behind all this. Haha. Ayat menyedapkan hati sungguh! 

Takpelah, tengok lah kalau ada rezeki mana tau hujung tahun boleh pegi Frankfurt Book Fair. Masih tengah cari tiket yang harganya reasonable lagi. So far harga emirates macam ok. Tapi hmmm...hujung tahun is not the best time to plan an oversea trip. Takut sibuk. Ahhhh..pening kepala.In case you didnt know Frankfurt Bookfair is the world's largest trade fair for books. Dad said the fair is even larger than India. Last time i visit India Bookfair in New Delhi, i was kinda surprise also to see how big their bookfair was. So i must say, i'm really really excited if i have the opportunity to visit the bookfair in frankfurt (*ahem*  dad, please take note)

Sunday, April 18, 2010


15 April:
Came this breaking news about volcano eruption from iceland that affected europe airspace! Heathrow Airport was closed from 12pm (uk time) and all flights in and out have been suspended. They did review from time to time but as far i know, the condition is worsen.

16 April:
It's Friday! I called MAS call centre and was informed that the flight still on time. Tapi dah berdebar-debar la as heathrow was still closed kan. Later at night MAS leave voicemail at my dad's phone inform that our flight now retimed to Sunday 12 pm.
17 April:
Despite the latest information we still went to Senai Airport at 6am since we bought connection flight JB (7am)-KL(10am)-London. Too bad sistem kat JB tak boleh check status terkini flight ke UK. They suggest that we just board to kl first and confirm with KLIA staff. So we just check in our luggage and everything. Memang dah ready nak naik flight ke kl lah. Daftar masuk, pegi Plaza Lounge breakfast, solat subuh, then around 6.45 as we were about to check in flight, the staff tiba-tiba naik and met my dad. He said KL already confirmed that there'll be no flights to London on Saturday. All cancelled. So we decided not to board to KL lah and wait until further notice. The staff even said they already asingkan our luggage nak tarik balik. So, terpaksa la keluar balik kan. We went to ticketing office to settle few things. Luckily we fly by MAS. So even kena tukar tarikh tiket ke hape ke takde masalah. And their staff have been especially helpful. 

Yeah im a bit frustrated but have to accept the fact there's nothing we can do for the moment. We just have to wait for the updates. Sangat risau okeh. Apa yang membimbangkan i bookfair London tu cuma 3 hari je. 19-21. In case lah hari selasa or rabu baru boleh terbang, there'll be no point lah kan if we missed the bookfair. Dad already came up with plan B, in case the situation not improving, we might just have to cancel our plan. Tak jadi visit London Bookfair tapi tukar visit Frankfurt Bookfair bulan 10 nanti. So we just change our London trip to October and then go to frankfurt[germany] by train or plane. Rugi memang lah. Hotel dah bayar. Eurostar tickets to Paris lagi. Travel insurance pun tak cover untuk kes bencana alam. But so far i already email the hotel and eurostar asking for refund. 

Latest news MAS cancel all europe bound flight from 15-19. Few options are given to us which either we claim for refund, changing travel time or change origin destinitation to Rome (Rome Airport is unaffected) instead but the land arrangement to London is on our own. Rome-London is quite far jugak it is only applicable to those mat saleh yang stranded kat KLIA and nak balik negara diorang.

Ok, that's all i can update for now. I do feel sad. But always believe that perancangan Allah adalah yang terbaik kan :). I will still have the opportunities later. 

Monday, April 12, 2010

Finally, ticket to paris confirmed!! yeay!!

Finally, finally, selepas membodek memujuk my parents, they finally agreed to go to Paris!! So without wasting time terus la i buat online booking kat eurostar website. Spent more than 2 hours sitting in front of the pc hokeh. Kenapa la susah sangat nak get through website tu untuk wat credit card payment. I almost give-up tau. Tapi akhirnya berkat kesabaran (cewah),now i have this:

3 return tickets for us to Paris on 21st April. And yes, i tak bermalam pun kat Paris. haha..boleh gitu? We take the earliest train from London at 5.35 am and back to london by night train around 9 pm.  Just nak visit few attractions there (eiffel tower, of course), do some shopping (kalau ada duit lagi laaaa) tu je lah. Some more we already booked our hotel in London for 5 nights.  The price? Hurmm...i did a last-minute booking kan, just a week before pegi so tak la dapat murah sangat. Not that cheap tapi boleh la. It cost us around 100 euro per person. Tapi i dapat upgrade tiket balik to a leisure class. What more can i say? I'm sooo happy. 

Now i need some help. Anybody been to Paris before or if not pun tapi boleh suggestkan interesting places to visit or mall to shop in Paris??? My interest would be cosmetics, perfumes and such la. For designer handbag...err...kena pikir 10 kali jugak wooo nak splurge thousands just for handbag. But anyway, we'll see about that ;) I wouldnt bring much cash, can just use the plastic card if intend to buy something expensive. (And worry about the bills later when i come back haha)

P/s: Must be a boring trip for the parents since kena pegi balik eiffel tower and sume tempat2 dah penah pegi. Tapi terpaksa for their over excited daughter yang nak sangat pegi nih. Thank u so much!!

Saturday, April 10, 2010


Today is a working Saturday peeps. I have to work today to replace next Saturday yang i tak dapat kerja. But it's ok since i have lottsss to do before fly. After work around 2 balik rumah sekejap while waiting for my parents to pick me pegi Tesco. Kena pegi shopping sikit2 nak pegi bercuti.

So i fill the trolley with lots of snacks, chocs, biscuits, air kotak, maggie. All stuffs untuk memastikan perut i sentiasa penuh semasa bercuti. haha. Well, my parents adalah sangat sangat particular pasal makan kat oversea nih. I've been travel with them to many places and i know diorang sangat cerewet soal makanan halal. Kadang-kadang ada orang tak kisah pegi restaurant tak halal and just eat seafood kan. But it's a big no to my parents. Selagi restoran tu takde tanda halal, tak betul-betul sure it is operated by Muslim, susah sikit la.  Even hotel complimentary breakfast pun kalu bukan kat negara Islam we wont eat there. So for breakfast we have to survive with bread, tuna, maggie and canned food. For lunch or dinner baru cari restoran halal or resotaran arab lah yang banyak ada. Kalau drinks takpe. Tapi tu pendapat masing-masing kan, so terpulang lah.

Tomorrow i still have more shopping to do. This time i'm looking for boots. What i had in mind is something like this:

cantik tak? :)

 Ok, i have to go now and start packing. Time weekend la kena cari masa packing kalau weekdays i hari2 mesti busy balik dah kepenatan. Owh btw, i hate packing all the bulky clothes since cuaca sana sejuk lagi. Seriously. Like, masukkan 4 jaket beg dah penuh ape ni??? 

Angle 'terbaik' untuk amik gambar kalau dah muka bulat bukan main :(

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Entry Takde Tajuk

Untuk 3 hari ni start dari semalam kena ulang-alik tetiap hari JB - Batu Pahat. Ada exhibition kat ****. Semalam jumpa sorang aunty ni kat pameran tu jugak. Kawan umi. Sama-sama bisnes. Citer-citer la pasal nak pegi London Bookfair ni. Aunty ni sebenarnya pun tak penah pegi Paris lagi walaupun dah few times pegi London. So ajak-ajak la jugak. Ermmm...actually i sooooo want to go to Paris tapi tak tau lah dapat ke tak. Itinerary program pun takde lagi. Tapi cam tak sempat je. Some more my parents dah penah pegi Paris before and not so interested to go there again. Maybe i boleh join other groups je kan? we'll see about that lah. 

Dad suggest kan pegi tempat lain yang tak penah pegi cam Amsterdam ke tapi nak plan tempat lain will take another 2,3 days sedangkan kitorang ada masa dalam 1 week je. Tu pun tak cut lagi days untuk urusan kerja. Nampak gaya cam stay kat London je la. But still, i will have so much places to visit. Nanti mesti macam jakun sikit. haha. Yelah orang-orang yang pegi ni semua dah 2,3 kali pegi London visit bookfair i je pulak first time. Tu pun syukurrrr ada orang nak bawak. Upss i heard dad plans to visit Frankfurt Bookfair end of this year. Any chance maybe??? :p 

By the way, visitor registration for the bookfair dah dibukak. To visit the bookfair require you to register first and get your visitor badge. Kalau register online sebelum bookfair the charge is only GBP25 tapi kalau register during the bookfair you have to pay GBP40. I tak register lagi. Still got plenty of time. 

Ok peeps. Have to go siap2, make-up2 pegi keje..huhu..

Sunday, April 4, 2010


Tak tau kenapa lah, sejak kebelakangan ni takde mood langsung nak buat semua benda. Pegi keje takde mood. Main game takde mood. Keluar jalan takde mood. Blogging apetah lagi. Terasa down sangat-sangat. Its not good. I know. But i still try to work it out. Try to find enough courage to keep me going. haihh..susahnya la. Kadang-kadang jadi moody pun ada. Nak bercakap dengan orang pun takde mood. Even worse, nak pergi bercuti pun mood tak datang lagi. Another 2 weeks. Barang banyak tak beli lagi nih.

Petang tadi ada appointment braces. Malas gile nak keluar rumah ok!! but since i dah pernah batalkan sekali appointment last week so pegi jugak la kali ni.  

Kan dah cakap takde mood. So kuar rumah nak pakai bedak pun malassss. Lagikan nak ber make-up. Semata-mata nak gi jumpa denstist je pun. Doktor cakap lagi sekali dua review braces dah boleh bukak. Maybe bulan Jun nanti. Cepat betul la. Jauh dari jangkaan awal sepatutnya dalam bulan mac next year. Tapi gigi memang dah rata dan rapat. Let's see the result la nanti.