Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Book Fair (March & April)

Sorry for the lack of updates. Not that im busy. Cuma banyak sangat nak memikirkan masalah negara. Some more nothing interesting happened to me lately. The same boring, old routine of life.

meeting, meeting, meeting

Owh, just few things to announce. KL International Book Fair will be held at PWTC from 19th to 28th March. I will be there throughout the event. Jemput la datang beramai-ramai.

Then on 19th to 21st April London Book Fair will be held at Earls Court Exhibition Centre. And yes, im going there. On work purpose. Ok..errr..maybe just a little bit of shopping to be done???

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aNoi said...

Nak ikut g London boleh??