Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Snobbish and Rude

Case 1:

I remember once when i asked my brother what type of women will he choose. The answer was simple:

"mestilah cantik". I was like, ok nak yang cantek je? kalau cantik tapi tak pandai, tak masuk U camne?
(pls, pls, DONT be offended people, i'm jusking out of my curiosity)
So he said "kalau tak pandai takpe, boleh belajar lagi or improve kan jadi lebih baik, tapi rupa paras tu something yang tak boleh diubah"

Again, his answer startled me. But well, i hope as he grown up..errr..he will learn more.

Case 2:

The latest season of American Idol had just started. Did you guys watch it? I'm a fan :)

While audition, this one guy was begging all the four judges to say yes. Kara and Randy gave their yes. The other one (cant remember who, said no). So its now left to Simon to decide whether this person could pass the audition or not. This person was like, you know crazily persuading Simon and try to flatter him. But too bad, Simon just sat there and snap: 

"Do you think i will respond to such flattery?"

Clearly he didnt buy it.

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IntanLal said...

hehehe..man always like that...but when they "grown up well", should be something different in their answer :)hehehe