Sunday, January 17, 2010

Monday Blues

Inilah masalahnya bila baru lepas cuti 2 hari yang sangat best sampai tak tau nak buat apa. Sorry, i always get excited bila dapat cuti sabtu ahad. I jarang cuti on saturday. Tu pun my initial plan sabtu lepas was still to go to office and settle some works. But then i thought why not just escape this weekend from all work and fuss. And im glad i did so. Any yeah im all alone by myself. The parents is at Langkawi for work purpose which i should have joined them but cancel it at the very last minute.

The parents not at home = the boss will not be at office = i am the boss. haha no lah. just kidding. Tapi keje banyak seh. And i havent start anything on 2010 marketing plan. And some big events are coming this quarter year of 2010. Ok gonna leave for now. I wish this monday blues would go away and not distracted me from my workload. Oh ya, mahu tengok gambar weekend terbaru? ceh.

benda-benda enjoice semua mesti related to foods. And whats your problem when you whining about you gaining some weight but still have guts to walk into starbucks?

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