Tuesday, January 5, 2010


Kadang-kadang dalam kesibukan, ada perkara-perkara penting sekeliling kita yang kita 'lupa' seketika kan? Ada beberapa nilai yang sudah tidak diambil kira. But that's life. You gain some, you lose some. You cant have it all. Past is past. But sometimes, even how hard we tried to forget, why is the past still haunted us? Things i've said that i regret. Things i've done that i wish i didnt. Things that i so badly want but i know i can never have. 

2009 was a very very challenging year to me. From ALL aspects of life. Family, work, relation. At one moment, i almost felt so desperately wanting to get out from all the mess i've made. At one moment, i dont even know how i did survive another day. But yes, i'm still here. And ready to welcome 2010. To embrace every moments of it which are coming.

Keluarga, adik beradik, kekasih, teman. 
They are beautiful people that completed my beautiful life. 

Thank you so much


miss R.e.p.u.n.z.a.L said...

tenkiu to you to..

miss b said...

babe, somewhr in ur blog, which i cant rmbr which one, u mentioned abt buy'g a BB.. well.. i suda sambar satu! teruk tak? ihihihi! tp nk wt cmne.. hp i mmg dh prob sgt..

Ms. Omey said...

linda: welcome2 :)

b: woww great! alang2 nak tukar hp kan baik grab bb truss..i tak beli pun lg..ari tu survey year end promotion kat celcom untk bb tapi entah mcm ada 2nd thought plak..hihi..