Tuesday, December 21, 2010


  • Sorry for the long silent, lack of updates. Takde idea nak menulis despite so many things happened lately.But nothing interesting. Im not going anywhere pun..hiii..
  • Last week from thursday till sunday im away from home, away from office. Just kat KL je pun. But im enjoying myself so much that i spent most of the time dating sleep, eat, shop. Cant resist the year end sale *sigh*. 
  • On Friday had small family lunch with Mr S. It feels so good to fill  your time with your loved ones. We also watched Repunzel & Narnia. Seriously, its been long time since last movie i watched. 
  • Few days more to go before we wrap 2010. fuhhh...Hoping for things to get better and some more good news to come :)
  • Im working on a project that due on this 31st dec. So far the progress is ok. Kind of slow actually. I didnt know what's wrong with me lately. I cant seem to focus on my work. Kadang2 jadik blur. And i have soooo many things to do. Tak masuk planning untuk 2011 lagi tu. Have to do something about it.
  • My lil brother will fly to UK to further his study next year. So i think im gonna plan some family vacation but didnt decide on the destination yet. Tempat yang tak lah jauh sangat. Not really long hours flight. I had Australia in mind. Melbourne/ Sydney/ Gold Coast? Yeah..kena mintak approval big daddy first.

Monday, December 13, 2010


Which one of us should walk away?

Obviously, it's YOU.

So i wonder, why, why, till now, i didnt see any action from your side?

Why pretend everything's ok?

When it's not?

Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Wordless Wednesday

Milan, Italy

Tuesday, November 30, 2010

pissed off

Some people just dont get it.
The dont act, dont think the way they should.
Ko tak boleh paham ke perasaan orang lain?
Tak boleh ke if you just STAY AWAY from other people's life?
Especially in this kind of situation when you should know you're definitely not her fav person.
Past is past i know.
And i happily move on with my life now.
Even happier than before.
Kenapa la nak MENYIBUK jugak nak menunjuk-nunjukkan diri tu haaa??
Even if it's not with me tapi wehhh family aku pun takde kena mengena langsung ngan ko.
Dari dulu lagi. Serba-serbi nak menyemak nak menyibuk.
Kadang-kadang rasa benda tu tak perlu kot. Entah ape2 entah.
Ingat orang suka ke?? Menyampah gila babi tau tak.
Tapi malas la nk cakap. Diamkan aje. Padahal masa tu your boyfriend's still mine. Haa..ambik ko.
Tapi semedang aje ko nak menyibuk dalam segala hal.

Tolong ahh. Banyak lagi keje lain nak buat benda lain nak kena pikir ni.

Pls remember this, even if you dont have yours, I have a reputation, image yang i kena jaga and pikirkan before i do something bad that can destroy it all. Kalau aku, dengan status aku sekarang boleh profesional, ko jangan nak membodohkan diri ko lagi boleh tak? If you smart enough, you wont mess with me. Kalau smart lah.

And of all thing, YOU should know what should be done long time ago when you make the decision. A wise action that im waiting for. 

Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Food craving

I'm craving for theseeee:


I love kebab while in Milan. Kat Malaysia not really into it pun. Hahah. Somebody asked me how about the taste of pizza/ pasta kat Italy. To be honest, i pun tak makan such foods yang betul2 Italian buat kot. Due to halal issues.

But i did try the one that sell pizza kat kedai2 Arab/ Pakistan. And to be honest...errr..what's the number of pizza hut delivery?? Seriously, masa kat i makan pizza kat Italy tu memang terus pikir kalau haku mkn pizza hut or domino pun lagi bagus camnih! hihi..but then as i said lah i tak try pun makan kat mana2 Italian restaurant. I read somewhere Italian suka masukkan lemak b*** dalam dough pizza. Wallahualam. Kalau was-was baik jangan makan kan.

This is pizza yang i beli kat kedai Pakistan.
That made me think pizza hut is wayyy much better.
And this one cost me 5 euro.


If the food is good, then we all be happy, kan??

Sunday, November 21, 2010


It is public holiday for Johor today.
But I'm off to KL to settle some jobs there.
Wow, sounds productive isnt it?
A bit tied up at the moment.
But it feels good, nonetheless.
So good.

Saturday, November 20, 2010

out of the blues..

What am i thinking?? Duhhh...

Thursday, November 18, 2010

Chu Chi Tunnel & War Museum, Vietnam

Chu-Chi Tunnel is one of the Vietnam's prime attraction for tourist. The tunnel was built during Vietnam war. It is pronounce as something like ku-ki tunnel bukan cuci tunnel. Gila hape nak pegi cuci terowong tu. Okay i let the pics do the talking. 

@ the entrance

Ni masa test masuk salah satu pintu terowong. Masa demo tu tentera vietnam yg konon2 masuk dalam tu sumpah skinny gila. Terus geng kitoran ada rasa inferior hahah. So when they ask if anyone of us interested nak try i did volunteer dah tu terus masuk eh boleh muat pulak..ok lulus ujian boleh survive time perang :)

USD3 per bullet for those interested to try shooting.
Dapat hadiah kalau kena sasaran.

Last skali masa end of journey they invited us untuk makan2.
Ingatkan makan ape lah. Rupanyaaa ubi rebus ngan kacang.
Minum chinese tea. Patut lah kurus ;)

@ War Museum

Some tips: 

  • Wear flats or wedges at least. NO heels. At some point dah macam jungle tracking pun. And yes, wear appropriate attire. 
  • You know, the trip could be much interesting kalau boleh menghayati sejarah perang tu camne. Especially at War Museum, you should spend some time to read the history there *yawn* haha but seriously, you should.
  • Its better to plan your journey early in the morning. Like us, we stary our day at 7. It took 1 hour from the city to the Chu Chi Tunnel. The visit will take about half day. By the time you finish its already noon and you gonna be freaking hungry but have to get back to the city to find halal restaurant there. So maybe you should pack some snacks untuk alas perut. Then after having lunch you can plan to visit War Musuem at the city.
  • There were 250 km of tunnels in the area in three levels going as deep as 9m down. Amazing how they can build it years ago. They let us experience inside the tunnel (for those who interested only). I did going down and urghh. Okay baik bersyukur sekarang pasal tak hidup masa zaman perang tu..hehehe.
So that's a wrap on our journey!

Monday, November 15, 2010

best news ever

Alhamdulillah i received one good news yesterday. Something relate to my job. Something that made me smile all day long. Something that really really made my day.  Seriously. Because of this news, hati sangat lah berbunga-bunga riang. Sampai rasa kalau Mr. S tak call satu hari pun xpe. Hihi. Yup, I tend to be kind of moody if he didnt call/ texy/ ym me all day long. Which is stupid because i know how he works around the clock. Well, that will be another story lah. So back to my 'good news' oh la la im so happy. Finally, all the hard works has paid off. And of course i can reward myself with something kan? kan? One last splurge before 2010 going to end. Yay!! So what do i have in mind?

Designer handbag
Urmm..already splurge on coach and gucci this year. There'll be no way im going to buy another for THIS YEAR. But i already aim for one of my dream bag for next year heheh.

No, no. Enough of it. I dont really need another vacation. Definitely not a good time at the end of year when lots of projects are coming in and i will be very occupied with my work. When im going to be at office as early as 7 and still bringing some files to finish work at home.

Erk..really really not my cuppa. 

So what will i get for myself?

Im thinking of...

Beri hitam @ Blackberry!

Yeah they launch the new Blackberry Torch recently but that's not what i have in mind. Way too pricey for a non-gadget lover like me (so pls dont suggest me an iphone peeps). Plus i dont fancy touch screen and sliding phone. I hate bb bold design. Too gedabak for my liking. That's why i bought the slim and sleek E71. So now i think im going to settle for bb curve 9700. The much cheaper option will be bb curve 8250 but with no function of 3g which is a real downside to me. Cant live without 3g call definitely.

Im going to get it before the year end :)
(ok, what i really mean is as soon as i can)

Another good news is my youngest brother (the only one who's still studying and hadn't earn anything yet and keep asking me to topup his phone hahah) will be fly next year to complete his degree twinning programme. And he was accepted at Leeds University, UK. Ok bro, u just proved to be the brightest among us. He studies medicine anyway. Yup, doctor to be in the family. Many congrats to him. I'll be sure to visit and checking u there *wink*

Monday, November 8, 2010


Kadang-kadang bila waktu-waktu macam sekarang. Bila terasa mahu mengeluh. Atas banyak alasan. Kerja yang melambak seperti tidak mahu cukup kaki dan tangan. Kawan-kawan yang entah mana menghilang. Adik-beradik yang selalu memeningkan kepala. Teman lelaki yang kadang-kadang seperti tidak mahu memahami. Orang tua yang asyik mengulang benda yang sama. Tapi terpikir sejenak. Terpandang berita. Mereka-mereka yang kehilangan nyawa dalam letupan Gunung Merapi. Mereka-mereka yang kehilangan rumah dan tempat berlindung dalam banjir di Kedah. Berapa ramai yang kehilangan orang yang mereka sayang? Berapa ramai yang merana hilang harta benda? Rasa bersyukur. Kerana kerja yang banyak menandakan masih ada rezeki. Adik-beradik itulah yang selalunya jadi tempat bergurau. Kawan-kawan walau jarang jumpa sesekali masih bertanya khabar. Teman lelaki walau ada masa-masa membuat kepala kusut, tapi tetap pada kebanyakan masa membuatkan hati riang. Dan orang tua, takkan pernah boleh bayangkan macamanalah kehidupan tanpa mereka. Bersyukur rasanya kan?

Jadi, teruskanlah hidup dengan apa adanya.

P/s: Sangat kepenatan sebenarnya. 

Sunday, November 7, 2010

couple pic @ facebook

Masa weekend hari tu, i had a chance to meet my ex-schoolmate. We used to be very close masa time sekolah dulu. But then after further study, masuk U, tiba2 lost contact for about 12 years. Yes, that long! So when we decided to meet i was so excited. She still same like those old times and im still me! 

We had this discussion about 'jodoh'. Hahah. Coincidentally we were attending one of our schoolmate's wedding on that day. It's common, soalan favourite yang akan ditanya each time you catch up with your friends or relatives adalah 'dah ada boyfriend?' or 'bila nak kawin?' *sigh* Until the day comes, people wont stop asking, no? Tapi kalau yang tanya tu pun belum kawin automatically i tanya dia balik. hahah. 

Im not the type of person who kinda easy to talk about my personal relationship to everybody.  Dont get me wrong here. I mean, for some person, mungkin lebih open untuk bercakap atau show off their relationship. Show off bukan maksud berlagak tau. Maksudnya macam terbuka lah nak cerita pasal pasangan dia. Kind of lah, taktau nak explain camne. Macam letak status kat facebook status in a relationship with bla bla bla. Ha, like that lah. I never did so. Dari masa zaman friendster lagi. Since then i've been in a relationship for quite some time jugak. Most of the time im afraid, if the relation's not working out while i've been telling like, the whole world about it! And the next thing might happen, i might upload another pic of me with different guy! errr...new relationship? 

Of course when you're in a relationship, you only hope the best for both of you. Who wants a bad ending right? But sometimes, things just...happen! Even beyond our wish. And let say benda tu terjadi, something bad happen in your relationship, but all this while u created an album of you 2 @ facebook, everyone knows about it. You two been dedicating songs at each other's wall, writing all the jiwang-jiwang ayat. It's sweet. And maybe to you it's even sweeter because all your 89,678 friends can see it at your wall. It's not their fault they seen it right? Then if something bad happen, what would you do? Deleting all the pictures is an option. Then friends would throwing the questions of what happened? Wont it hurts you even more? *sigh*  So all this while, i've been protecting myself actually. I always pray and hope the best for myself (for both of us and our relation too). But in case someday, it's written that he and i not meant to be, i just want to make the break as clean as possible. 

It just my opinion.  No, i dont say its wrong to put couple picture @ facebook. I have nothing against it ok? Maybe someday i might want to do the same too. Who knows? (maybe im thinking about it now..hiii) So pls dont be bitter. Just let me voice out my opinion. And maybe you could share yours

We are only human, and NOT perfect.

Sunday, October 31, 2010

Ho Chi Minh City Part 1

Tiket ke Vietnam ni beli dah lama. Rasa sejak hujung tahun lepas kot. Bila AirAsia wat promosi. So i booked tickets for my family and some of the staff. Masa tu promotion price is around 200 per person. We went to Vietnam on Friday. All 10 of us. My parents went a day earlier. Our flight is around 9am. At 6am dah pegi LCCT. Mr. S was sending me to airport ;)

Around 11 reached our destination. Dad already at the Tan Son Nhat International Airport to pick us. We go straight to the hotel. The journey took around 30 minutes only. We chartered a van for all 12 of us.

The location of our hotel is really awesome. Just opposite of the Famous Ben Tanh Market. We just have to cross the road and dang! Here we go shopping lah what else kan? The Ben Tanh Market is opening as early as 8am till 7pm. After 7 jalan kat situ pulak tutup as the night market will begin. From the view of our hotel room pun dah boleh nampak Ben Tanh and nite market tu.

Pose in front of our hotel. This is on our 2nd day.

After lunch kat hotel (mum prepared some food for us) without wasting any more time terusss zass lari ke pasar Ben Tanh (over plak pakai word lari tuh hikkss). Even it just our first day, takde nak survey2 dulu ke hape terus memborong okeh. Dalam penatnya masing2 tetaplah excited membeli. And you know i didnt bring lots of money to Vietnam actually. Because i didnt know what to expect here plus i just want to shop for myself so i thought takkan lahh tak cukup duit aku bawak ni. Just after spent few minutes at the Ben Tanh Market, I KNOW. I know that my money wont be enough like this okeh! I want to spend MORE! hahaha. Giler tamak kan. And after went to the nite market that nite i knew i have to ask my mum some cash advance.

What you can find in Ben Tanh Market?

Kain baju

Sangat2 la berlambak jual kain pasang kat sini. And they also sell in bulk here. Macam nak beli 1 kayu gitu. Kain sulam, cotton, vietnam silk.  And owh the price is superrrr cheap. Pasal tu 3 hari berturut duk ulang-alik pegi Ben Tanh..hahah..sulam vietnam sangat la sweet. Later i'll snap some photos and share it here ok. And another interesting thing here is we can choose our kain pasang and terus tempah jahit. Can be done in one day only! so that evening i pun rasa nak cuba i tempah 1 kurung moden. The next day they sent it to my hotel and i must say im very satisfied with the result. Seriously, patut boleh tempah banyak2 lagi.


Trust me, u'll be soo rambang mata nak pilih untuk bawak balik. Not just things like key chain and fridge magnet, tapi ada macam2 design beg sulam dengan macam2 size. Sangat cantik and murah also. Ada jugak beg kecik2 yang org buat souvenir majlis kahwin. But if u insist to buy in a large quantity like 500 and above maybe boleh cari kat tempat lain and get cheaper price. At this market u can find t-shirt vietnam untuk bagi souvenir also. But maybe u can just get it at the night market. Cheaper ok.


Banyak jugak nih. Bukan kasut biasa lah. Kasut sulam or manik yang comel2. I didnt buy any pun. Takde masa dah nak memilihnya lagi.


Kat pasar ni ada section untuk food jugak. Tapi sure memang tak halal lah. Cuma kalau nak cari kopi vietnam boleh beli kat sini. Banyak kedai jual. Vietnam is also famous for their coffee actually. Would be nice to give as souvenir also.

Any other things that i missed out? Surely there are lots to find in the market. Just that i didnt have much time to explore. The truth is, i just went back and forth to this one particular shop that sells kain pasang. hihihi. I prefer Ben Tanh compare to Chatuchak Market in Bangkok. But Pasar Baru (Bandung) and Tanah Abang (Jakarta) will always be in my favourite list.

Halal food is not very easy to find. They serve pork everywhere, yuckss. But there is one area here yang ada few kedai makan halal. Forgot the place's name. But then, u could always survive with maggie and snacks kan.

We had our lunch at this restaurant owned by a Malaysian.

So there goes story on our first day and third day as well. Spent most of the time shopping. Tu pun tak puas lagi. Unfortunately all of us have space issues when we packing to go back home! Terpaksa stop membeli coz tak tau nak pack kat mane dah. hahaha. 

That's not a wrap yet. Will update on our visit to Chu chi Tunnel in the next entry. After im done with my Vietnam trip i'll share about my Europe trip okeh. Sorry for such a long delay. Kerja banyakkk. 

Bubbye :)

Saturday, October 30, 2010


Tonite is the final.

Negeri Sembilan vs Kelantan

I'm betting with Mr S

He's with the Kelantan team of course.  For obvious reason *rolled eyes*

So i pick Negeri Sembilan to win tonite

The bet is quite interesting

So let's hope!


ps: owh im not a football fan anyway. never watch a match.

pss: to Kelantan supporter, in case ur team lost tonite, would u guys mind leave the stadium in peace???

Wednesday, October 27, 2010


Sorry for the lack of updates.

I know. I owe my own blog lots of entries.

It didnt help that i've been quiet busy right now.

My workload is giving me a headache.

But other than that, i'm happy.

Yes, i would like to confess that.

I'm very very much happy now.

So happy that i wouldnt mind neglecting my blog (i always love writing!)

Sorry peeps. 

Just let me be in my dreamland for a while before i start writing again ok! (just knock my head if u feel u need to)

Bye2. Till i wake up!


Saturday, October 23, 2010

Some news from Ho Chi Minh City

1. Im broke. Totally broke. Shopping in Vietnam is sooo exciting. Plus my hotel location is just in front of the Ben Tanh Market (thanks dad!). And every nite dekat jalan depan hotel ni ada night market that open till 1am. So that's my main activity in Vietnam, shop till broke. It's double broke actually. Because i just came back from Milan last week, remember? Checking my bank account balance will be a disaster for now. Like, where all the money's gone???

2. Mum lost her purse at night market yesterday! So sad. Masa tengah pilih2 barang, tiba2 ada sorang old lady datang menyelit in our group and buat2 sibuk memilih. We suspect her. Coz gaya dia memang tak macam nak membeli sibuk langgar barang sana sini. Tiba2 dia blah camtu jek. And when we about to pay baru my mum sedar purse dah takde. I pegi round jugak kot2 boleh kejar. But to no avail. Ada few hundreds USD dlm tu and credit card lah yang banyak. Send report malam tu jugak. After that terus kitorang yang lain berjaga pegang handbag masing2.

3. Shopping with girls are so much fun. I went holiday with some of my colleagues as well. We go crazy at Ben Tanh Market. Masing2 kecoh and sibuk nak carik kain paling cantik. Hahaha. Sorang beli ni yang lain pun ikutt jugak. Kitorang siap tempah jahit baju lagi. I tempah 1 kurung moden dan jubah. The charge is reasonable lah. Quite cheap pun compare to Malaysia. And jahitannya pun cantik. I didnt believe at first bila kedai tu cakap boleh amik upah jahit. Baju kurung, moden, dress, jubah. Boleh siap dalam masa sehari!

Ok, im leaving now. nak check out, lunch and going to airport.  Cant wait to be at home.

P/s: I MISS YOU :)

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

going away

Im going to KL today. 
Dad nak pegi tgk perhimpunan agung UMNO @ PWTC 
*politics mode on*
Then on Friday will fly to Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam.

I really really travel light this time.
Bwk selai dua baju jer. 
Coz i read sana shopping murah.
Betul kah?
Well, let's see.
Kalau tak mmg mati lah takde baju nk pakai.


Monday, October 18, 2010

Take a Break

Mood yang sangat menyenangkan sekarang. Mostly because rasa sangat legaaaa dah siap satu tugasan yang penting semalam (im working on weekend, mind you). And did u actually believe after 5 days back from oversea baru hari ni i dapat check out all the photos taken. Sadly, its not that much. Souvenir masih belum mampu nak distribute lagi. Tengok pun tidak. Bag masih belum berkemas. Tapi rasa macam tak payah unpack jerrrr. Because this Friday im going to fly again to a not so far away destination (dalam Asia). So guess that all the holiday updates kena hold dulu yeah. But of course i cant wait to write about my travel log especially MILAN. OMG the city was so great. What's not to love about the city btw?? 

Owh, a snapshot from Milan

 Via Montenapoleone, Milan, Italy



Wednesday, October 13, 2010


Safely reached home. Arrived about 14 minutes ago. Terus blogging. Hehehe..i cant sleep anymore. Touchdown KLIA jam 9.15, my brothers fetched us at the airport pergi makan2 and then terus took midnight bus to JB. Mane ada flight dah malam2 ni to JB, the earliest pukul 7 pagi. So kena balik jugak naik bus since at 7 i have to go to Pahang. Pukul 4 pagi tadi sampai rumah pukul 7 dah nak kena keluar kerja. *sigh*. Jetlag? Forget it. I have work to do. Some responsibilities to be fulfilled. So that next year boleh pergi Italy lagi and get another Gucci. Oppssss...muahahaha..

The trip to Frankfurt, Milan and Qatar was sooo fantastic. I met awesome peoples, visited interesting places and..err..shops? The experience was priceless. Nantilah cerita panjang2. For now, let me get some rest yer.

Much loves.
Muah :)

Friday, October 8, 2010

Update From Frankfurt

Heloooo blog..heheh.. 
It's 5.30 am now in Frankfurt. Dah tak boleh tido dah. Been packing the bag and everything. Semalam 1 whole day morning till evening spend kat bookfair. OMG im so speechless upon seeing the bookfair. It's sooo BIG. The Frankfurt Messe (exhibition centre) sangat lah besar and to go from hall to hall pun ada shuttle bus. So sad i dont bring any flat sandal. Even pakai wedges pun not very comfy as i walk a lot. I dont have much time to explore Frankfurt as i spent most of the time working. Got few appointments yesterday with certain publishers. As for today, im going to separate with my dad as we got to go to different hall. Dad is more on searching for school's library books, dealing with packagers, choosing titles to import while me got to focus on higher education area, international academic publishers, make some contacts with them and so on. So im going to round the bookfair alone today.

We will be at the bookfair for another half day then at noon will be back to the hotel, pack our luggages and then have to take train to Frankfurt Hahn. We will be staying at the hotel nearby Hahn Airport as we got early morning flight to catch tomorrow to Milan. That will be saying, enough with works, now lets get some shoppingggg done. hahaha. I just manage to buy few fridge magnets and key chains at Frankfurt. Memang xde chance langsung nak masuk kedai shopping. Some more after balik bookfair of course we were tired and sleepy plus kaki sakit lagi nak jalan. But nevermind, i will just rely on 2 full days we are going to have in Milan and kat sana takde appointments dgn publisher ke hape..cuma..err..appointments dengan kedai2 jer..heheheh...

Ok, just a snapshot @ frankfurt. Will upload more photos later on maybe when im back home.

Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Blogging from Doha Airport, Qatar

At Doha Airport right now. Transit for 9 hours before boarding to Frankfurt. We decided just to stay at the airport. Nanti transit balik Malaysia baru keluar town check in hotel and round town. Masuk Qatar kena ada Visa tapi on arrival pun boleh. Have to pay USD27 per pax for visa. For tonite mmg lepak kat airport jelah. Time kat Qatar now is about 2am but since Malaysia dah pukul 7 tak rasa ngantuk pun.

On previous flight i spent 7 hours tu tido most of the time. Try to watch some cartoons and play some games tapi terlelap jugak. And based on my current mood i tak rasa i akan ambil byk gmbr for this trip. Nak keluarkan camera pun malas okeh. Dad's DSLR mmg dlm beg jelah.

Im quite nervous pasal keje kat Frankfurt ni nanti. Pasal nak pegi jalan xde masalah. Pegi Milan lagiii la ditunggu2. hihih. Tapi yang lebih penting keje kena ada hasil. Baru hati senang dan tenang.

Owh, i met someone masa kat KLIA tadi. To you, thanks for coming all the way and spend your time. Walaupun cuma dapat jumpa sekejap je.

Ok till then :)

Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Last update before leaving for Frankfurt

Booking hotel
Done yesterday. Both hotel in Frankfurt and Milan dah book! Hotel kat Milan is much expensive. I buat reservation through www.booking.com. The price there is cheaper than kalau book direct pun. Murah sikit jelah tapi. Booking ni pun based on review kat web je lah. And of course, free wi-fi connection in room adalah wajib.

Online check in
All flights dah buat check in which are MAS (JB-KL), Qatar Airways (KL-Doha-Frankfurt), RyanAir (Frankfurt-Milan). There will be one night stop over kat Doha and the next morning baru fly to Frankfurt.

Bookfair registration
Already registered as a trade visitor. Had to pay 56 euro per pax for this. The bookfair will be held for 5 days but only the last 2 day will be open to public. The first 3 days is open to trade visitor only. Bookseller, publisher, author, distributor, etc. 

Pack barang
Headache. Tu je nk cakap. I have some respects for people who can really travel light and easy. Me? If it is possible to bring the whole wardrobe i'll probably do so. 

Tukar duit
Hari ni kot. Mesti hari ni, kalau tak bila lagi pulak kan.

Oklah. I really dont have much time to blog. Please pray that i gonna have a blast and safe holiday ye you all. Not a real holiday maybe as i still have to work..hahah..but still? Travel + work always makes me excited. Err..the farther the distance is lagi baik kot? heheh. InsyaAllah will post some updates IF possible. And owh, pls hope that im not gonna be totally broke after this trip. Since im going with my boss i could possibly ask for 3 months advance kat Milan kan?? heheheh.


Monday, October 4, 2010

The Trip :)

Hi..im back! heheheh.

Alhamdulillah open house hari Ahad hari tu berjalan lancar. Penat memanglah since everything in house punya kerja. Takde amik catering ke hape. Umi masak all the foods.  Gambar open house akan diupload nanti yer (bila tu??!!)

So now im still bz selesaikan kerja2 opis sebelum amik 1 week leave. Amik leave untuk pergi keje jugak sebenarnya. Cuma kat luar negara lah.
Ikutkan nak pegi berjalan and lupakan kerja yang tinggal adalah mustahil. When my dad 1st asked me about this trip to Frankfurt Bookfair pun 1st thing that crossed my mind was tak busy ke hujung2 tahun macam ni nak pegi oversea (in my area of job hujung tahun adalah waktu kerja biasanya adalah banyak). But like he said, kerja mmg takkan habis. And surely somebody else could handle the jobs while im away kan. I just have to delegate the jobs, and put some not so urgent matters on hold till im back.

So, we are going to spend 2 full days at the Frankfurt Book Fair. I dont have much time to prepare anything. In fact hotel pun baru semalam booking. One thing kat Frankfurt ni, during bookfair hotel semua jadi overprice. Average is 1k per night kalau nak yang betul-betul area exhibition centre. Imagine have to pay 1k per night just for accomodation. And no, its not even a luxury hotel. Just hotel with basic standard macam Seri Malaysia jek. My dad leave it to me to book a hotel for us (he provided the plastic card, of course). I'll tell more about the hotel and do some review after i experience it myself okey.

Frankfurter BuchMesse = Frankfurt Book Fair

And owh, about our next destination after Frankfurt. Remember it's between 3 choices which are Amsterdam, Zurich and Milan?


So, on our 4th day, we are going to fly to Milan, Italy. 

Why Milan?

Because among the 3 of us, mum and i vote for Milan. Hahahaha.

I havent book hotel in Milan. But owh, if u're looking for hotels in Duomo area (the trademark of Milan) the price is around 1k and above!  Unless u decide to duduk jauh sikit then u can get hotel price around 400-700. I told dad and he just said, nevermind just book hotel yg dekat Duomo area if its more convenient to me and mum to go shopping around (and he staying in the hotel room, but i'll make sure they provide free wi-fi connection dad). Owh have i mentioned here how i love my dad so much? hiksss. And 1 more thing after i did some survey fly to Milan is much cheaper compare to others. I checked the alternative travel by train as well. We fly using budget airline Ryan Air. The cost? Around 100 euro for 3 persons! A real bargain kan.

Ok ok..so ape lagi nak taip ni. Part packing barang? No, i tak buat ape pun lagi. I hate last minute packing kalau nak pegi jalan jauh as i know, mestiiii ada je benda tertinggal. And if u're thousand miles away from home, it's so damn annoying kalau ada benda tertinggal and dah sampai baru teringat kenapa lah tak bawak tu tak bawak ni. But since im a bit busy for the past few days, and still kena masuk opis siapkan keje so pasrah je lah. Part tukar duit? err...maybe i just leave it to dad *ahem* (hoping tomorrow dad's gonna hand me some euros, hahah).

Okeyyy panjang pulak membebel ni. 

Hope i'll have some time to write again before i leave.

A snapshot during our open house:

me, mum and ifa

Wednesday, September 29, 2010

29th september

i dont really like the movie we watched,
but i like the person who sits next to me throughout the movie


Tuesday, September 28, 2010


Im officially turned 27 today.

Guess that when u're 27, u dah berada pada satu tahap usia yang matang, life yang stabil. And it's a stage of life when you should know what you want in life. Where you decide your life should be. Are you going to take major step that going to change your life forever? Or you just going to stick to where you are now. In that case, you think you already where you wanted to be. Of course, sometimes i pun ada my own hesitation jugak. Some things that i regret. But you know when people always said there's no turning back? You just have to look forward. And move on.

What do i wish on my birthday?
To be honest, A LOT actually!

But no, im not going to list out things that i know will be beyond my reach.

So i just decide to be happy with whatever i have right now.
Whatever is MINE.

Or...err.. going to be mine?

Sunday, September 26, 2010

the busyness

I think must be cursed with some kind of bad luck pasal dah nak pegi jalan jauh pun masihhh banyakkkk keja. Left with no choice, terpaksa settlekan apa yang boleh since i wont be around in office for about 1 week. I wont whine too much okeh. That's my 'periuk nasi'. I have to work hard or else how im going to buy all the new clothes, shoes, bags. Okey, kidding, i mean to save a lot of money actually.

So, just a quick update what goes around:

I'll be going to KL on Wednesday and gonna spend 1,2 nights there and probably celebrating my birthday (hint! hint!) with..errr....ok lets just leave it there.

I'll be around at Pameran Buku Akademik at UPM and do some books selection there. One of my most fav activity. Never thought before that selecting books for library could be so much fun. And will be wayyy better kalau buat kat oversea..muahaha..

On 3rd Oct (Sunday) we will be having Raya Open House at my house. Owh, going to be very busy with the preparation and all that.

On 6th Oct...going to fly far far away!

I have lots to blog actually. I remember i still not finish the post on my trip to Universal Studios Singapore. I havent blog about de-bond my bracess process. And also some other post that i would really like to put in my blog as my future reference. Some photos that means a lot to me. Some experience that i would never want to forget. So i have to write it down. Ok, maybe it's not writing, typing actually. 

Ok, ok enough with blogging. Got to get back to work :(

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

business AND pleasure

Still remember my post in April about my trip to London yang tak jadi?

Hehehe. Yes. I was planned to visit the London Book Fair on last April but the trip has to be cancelled due to the whatever-its-name volcano eruption in iceland.

But then i got another chance to visit another bokfair this October. And, this is much bigger opportunity to me as this is the world largest bookfair ever been organized. Guess where it will be held? Frankfurt, Germany. Of course im excited. To visit the bookfair, i mean. Being in this industry, this kind of opportunity means a lot to me. I've been to New Delhi Bookfair before and i think the event was big enough and now im going to the largest event and couldnt imagine how its going to look like. My first time actually but my parents had experienced visited the bookfair years before. The purpose of visiting? Yeah definitely we're going to import some books, expand the network with some other publishers, make new discoveries and also searching opportunities to buy rights and licenses. 

And also, for our own pleasure, ahem we decided to, well you know, its going to be boring if u just spend the whole time for work, work and work. All work and no play makes omey a dull girl, no?


We're not going to spend the whole trip to visit Frankfurt only!

We decided to visit another country and after few arguments discussion we managed to narrow down the choice to these 3 places:

Amsterdam, The Netherlands
canal, tulips, red light district, errr..the legal plant

Zurich, Switzerland
Alps, sightseeing, historic buildings

Milan, Italy
A girl's dream. Enough said.

I couldnt possibly suggest London/ Paris though as my parents already been there few times and dad wants to explore new place. He voted for Rome/ Spain actually but turns out the air/ train ticket quite expensive and not price-wise. Well, the decision has been made actually. Tickets already confirmed.

To which place?