Sunday, December 6, 2009

rant mode

Hujung minggu yang macam nightmare. I barely had any sleep. Well, my iniatially plan was to have a very good rest this weekend since pasni ada projek memang gerenti penat kena keje 6 hari seminggu pagi sampai malam (i exaggerate a bit). And yeah i already ate prosperity burger. Not a fan and wonder why people love it. Its so yucky to me. Haha. 

To the only one: woahh so happy you finally bought the laptop at the pc fair yesterday. But excuse me, arent you the one who comes out with like, 3000 excuses why i shouldnt waste my money to buy blackberry? But you got yourself a new laptop? Great.


ederq said...

i heartttt prosperity burger lahhh. esp when it comes with whole lot juicy black pepper sauce!

ok i starve now.

Ms. Omey said...

hiii..the sauce taste so weird to me..pegi laa mkn banyak2 :)

uKnoWho said...


Boys will always be boys...

like when we admire the coach handbag and dream to have one, they will say" why u need the Coach hand bag?? is the money can comes out automatically from the bag?"



part diaorg shopping gadjet tak pe pulak kan kan kan?