Wednesday, November 11, 2009

smile :)

Had my 3rd appointment with the orthodontist last Monday. Yeah changing the rubber colour again. I chose grey this time and like it very much. Nothing much to update. People around me dah mula notice that my teeth dah mula tersusun cantik. Suka. Well, in the 1st place thats why i decided to wear it, isnt it? Even sometimes i admit i dah start rasa rimas dengan benda ni. Actually bukan rimas pasal ada braces dalam gigi ke ape tapi masalah each time after i had my meal tak kisah la walau cuma makan donut sebiji je pun, tetap kena spend masa bersihkan gigi dulu. But the good part is takdelah nak mengunyah sepanjang masa. No choice pun still have to bear with it. And, oh yes i had another 1 year and 3 months to endure. Then i will be smiling beautifully all the time :)