Wednesday, November 18, 2009

The reason...

1. As you know i'm kind of having trouble with my prev blog. Macam2 la. Sekejap masalah follower gadget, sekejap template, sekejap posting.Who said blogging is easy? Damn. I spent most of my time googling how to fix my blog's problem rather than writing for my blog itself. Seriously, its really tiring. And if the same problem occurs to my new blog again, maybe i'll just quit blogging (then beli buku nota 5 hinggit buat menulis hari2). Haha. Easily give up kan.Tapi just imagine of all solutions given to me semua cakap bahasa orang IT. haha. Sorry, i dont get it. I mean blogging supposed to be simple and easy kannn??Takpelah, i menulis i pun yang baca. And owh, i'm not writing to please you people. But will try my best not to offend anybody.   

2. The old URL is kind of bothering me. And of course i would love something that resembles me more. At first, i think of named this blog something like ummulkhair.blogspot or even (amik ko, full name dah tu) but then i also famously known as omey. So my nickname will do. For now lah. Entah esok lusa meroyan lagi nak tukar taktau la.

3. Before this, i really obsessed with the idea of privatizing my blog. My blog for myself. Yeah. There's so many things i want to write, i wish i could write. But you know, maybe public blog is not the best idea. Tak, i bukan nak tulis pasal politik or pasal krisis MCA skang. Apetah lagi pasal gossip artis yang tidak ada kena mengena dengan hidup i.I just want to write more about myself (kes obses dengan diri sendiri, tskk). To share my feelings (cehh). Tapi kalau dah privatize nak share dengan sape ek? Cuma sometimes i'm a bit scared if i crossed the limits. Maybe i blurt out something in this blog that i shouldnt. Forgive me if i did so. Mungkin i memang sengaja *evil*. 

4. But anyways, as long as i enjoy writing and you enjoy reading or i just syok sendiri menulis and you found out that's really annoying (either way lah), takpe i tetap akan menulis. Blogging is kind of mental therapy to me. A good one. Whenever i'm feeling down, or the going gets tough, i'll write something to ease my mind. 

so lets get started everybody!!!
(start what?? damn i dunno)

ok tu jelah.


aRi sHu said...

no plzz dun privatize ur blog..i suka baca entry2 u..u burst out ur feeling perfectly here..

i nak tolong u pun i ni buta IT..huhu..:P

kiva said...

bto..btol..aku pon suke bace blog ko..hehe..

Ms. Omey said...

thanks darlinggss :)

IntanLal said...

welcome to the blogspot kak omey..jarang intan ada problems dgn blogspot kecuali time dorg tengah up grade (itu pun ada mrk inform gak.. kak, bg email kat intan yea blh? nk send my wedding invitation card.