Tuesday, November 10, 2009


Lots of things happened sejak kebelakangan ni. Alhamdulillah masih diberi kekuatan untuk teruskan kehidupan even i must admit, the past few weeks is one of the toughest moment i had to face in my life. huhhh..i survived that anyway..but i know, lots more to come.Nevermind, let it be.

One thing that irritates me is this blog. I dont know why but before this my sidebar all shifted to the bottom of my blog. All the gadgets there. Oh my, i had to spend lots of time googling on how to fix it and finally came up with a solution. And also for those who linked me, you might notice there's no more update on my recent post. I really dont know how to fix it. Tried some solutions given but to no avail. Fine lah. But anybody experienced this problems before please let me know. Cant believe out of every misery i'm facing right now even my own blog did not want to be on good terms with me.

Another thing is, i received this 'love letter' adressed specially to me. Guess what? uhhh..PTPTN..eh i bukan tak bayar tau pinjaman tu. Some more i tak dapat pinjaman penuh pun. Half jek. Tapi maybe i start bayar lewat so ada la tunggakan. And this letter sounds serious as if i fail to clear the debt of amount stated i will be restrained from going oversea. I heard it before cases some people ditahan kat imigrisen coz tak bayar hutang PTPTN but thought that maybe that for case yang dah lama abis study tapi tak pernah bayar satu sen pun. In my case, i baru few years habis study and some more i dah mula bayar pun consistantly and i even pay more than the actual amount i should pay every month. The letter said i ada lagi tunggakan RM 1,240.58 so no fuss there. I went straight to BSN yesterday and settled the amount.

Ok PTPTN, puas hati tak? Thanks for the reminder. I've done my responsibility to pay back the loan accordingly. Time kat kaunter BSN nak bayar tu boleh pulak staf tu tanya 'ni kenapa nak bayar PTPTN banyak sangat ni?' hehehh..ingat ape? But anyway lega sangat benda tu dah selesai.


aRi sHu said...

PTPTN mmg cmtu..i pn dpt surat mcm u..pdhal bukan x byr lgsg pn..i pn risau gak kot2 kena tahan kat imegresen kan..wat malu jek..tu nak g spore pn berkira2..hehe..

lega kan dah setle sume..u pnya sikit ok la bole setle full..i yg belas ribu ni nak suh byr sume parah la..huhu..

Ms. Omey said...

tu i takot tu kang pegi singapore pun tak lepas..memang wat malu je kena tahan..tapi actually kalu jumlah besar boleh pegi office mintak kurang..takkan belas ribu nak bayo skaligus kan..