Sunday, November 15, 2009

listening to......

Taylor Swift: You're Not Sorry lyrics  

A very deep and meaningful song. Sometimes, you just lost your faith on somebody. Like     you had enough.Chance after chance given. And all you get back is just dissappointment.

Kelly Clarkson: Already Gone 

*sob* Sedih.

B.E.P: Meet Me Halfway

I want you so bad. Meet me halfway, right at the borderline *grin*

Lady Gaga: Paparazzi

I'm not her biggest fan tho.

Mariah Carey: Hate You

She sings this beatifully.

Ada banyak lagi sebenarnya. But i just list out 5 sebab malas. I appreciate songs with good lyrics. Lagu-lagu theme 'dance' pun i dengar jugak but my fav would be slow song la. I dont have any fav artist. Nobody in particular. Asal lagu sedap semua i dengar. Malay songs also. Lagu indon pun. Lagu bollywood pun (walaupun yg tau cuma kuch kuch hota hai). Truth is, lately i sangat jarang dengar radio or tengok tv. Tengok wayang, seems like ages dah tak pegi tengok. Reason why i never blog about movie review. Nak blog hape kalu pegi wayang pun tak kan. beli dvd pirate jek.  Kalau ada lagi lagu sedap2 boleh suggestkan. I nak download semua and compilekan then boleh burn CD. (Cara-cara nak menjimatkan duit). Masa-masa camni lah terpikir bestnya kalau ada ipod,

Now i can get it at price around 1.2k. I tried my brother's and found out other applications that i love also. Contoh, err.. the games?? But nevermind. Think i'll just let this pass. okay omey, be a good girl and save your ass money. Masukkan dalam ASB minggu ni jugak. heh.

On a side note, i hope today (monday) will be a good start for this week.

Happy working everybody :)

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