Monday, November 23, 2009

glorious food @ Shanghai (final leg)

Entry ni khas pasal makanan jek masa kat china hari tu since somebody asked me how did we get Muslim foods. I'm not a fan of chinese food. I mean sekali-sekala boleh la. Before went to Shanghai, we were a little worried pasal makanan. Though we took a Muslim package (should mean halal food been provided throughout the vacation), tapi mana la tau kan makanan tak memenuhi selera ke hape. And on the 1st nite proved our theory when the tourist guide brought us to this one restaurant and he even ordered for us. So we were served:

I cant remember the meal's name. And the taste. I mean its like, so tasteless. I'd rather eat the asam laksa maggi (luckily we were prepared). Then i asked my dad whether we can order buttered prawn (fuh selera bukan main) but since my dad risau tak sedap he ordered udang masak lada instead. And it turned out to be like this:

I was stunned at the table actually. Cuba enlargekan pic tu and definitely you know what i mean. This is more like, anak udang to me? The 'udang' is so small that i can barely taste anything out of it. Then the guide mentioned to us that in China its a little bit hard to find seafood. Owh no wonder.

As for the 2nd day and days after, it turns out to be better. I began to enjoy my chinese meal. And yeah i snap pics also. But please be aware that though i can vividly remember the delicious taste, i'm bad at remembering the food's name. So i will just hentam je nama-nama food eh. Enjoice :)

Daging goreng

Ikan blabla masal kicap berlada

Sayur goreng

Chicken curry. Chinese curry is a bit different from ours.
 The taste is kind of light and not so berlemak.
Tapi serius sedap.


Kambing + udang goreng. Thank God saiz udang dah besar sikit.
And i suka la kambing potong kecik-kecik camtu.

Sup sayur. You know what, we are not even sure what sayur it is but i really like this soup coz ada rasa macam makan shark fin tapi campur sayur. Nice.

Sate kambing.
Sate ni a must have meal sepanjang kitorang kat China.
Boleh kata setiap restaurant pun ada jual.
The price is lebih kurang rm2 satu cucuk.
Owh sangat delicious and juicy.

Roti ape ntah. Tapi sedap. Makan begitu saje.

Daging cincang dengan kulit popia.
Kena gulung sendiri okey.

Bowl ni adalah sangat comel dengan kuantiti nasi yang sangat sikit
dan makan guna chopstick asyik jatuh jek :(

Its known for chinese to serve tea in every meal.

While me choose to enjoy my pepsi :)

Actually dalam banyak-banyak muslim restaurants di Shanghai, got one this particular restaurant yang we all kerap makan situ. Yershari Restaurant. Go find it if you plan to visit Shanghai. Restoran ni ada banyak cawangan jugak. Nice, clean, well-lit place. Can get really crowded during lunch time. The menu has english translations and the dishes got pictures some more. Mind you, we have been to this one small restaurant where the menu is just a list of food's name in chinese! Ordering can be really tough that way. And as for the price, urmm...not to say cheap but i think its reasonable lah. Be prepared to spent around RM 15-30 for each person.

Pose kenyang depan restaurant


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Ms. Omey said...

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