Sunday, November 22, 2009


Have you ever be in a situation when you really really badly want something in your life?

When you so deadly wish it could happen. It MUST happen to you. Errr..good things are bound to happen to good people, am i right?

And man, you fight for it. Yes, i'm fighting right now. I will bring all the army with me if i could. Except that, well i have none. 

I always have the idea of myself being a very determine type of person. Lots of people didnt even know what they want in their life. I'm not like that. Kalau Tuhan pun kata kita boleh berusaha mengubah nasib kita. Hey, we can twist the destiny. Turn it to something even better than what it already is. Do whatever you can to work it out. And dont forget, pray hard to Allah. Phew, it sounds much easier than practically in reality. 

Either i'm dead. Or that is so going to happen.

Can this be my destiny?

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